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  1. What would happen with my data on the CloudDrive on my "umlimited" G Suite Drive if Covecube Inc. as a company would fail as a business in the coming years and would have to close shop so to speak?
  2. I'll try it out. Thank you very much, Desani! Will it work if I have 3 encrypted and one that isn't encrypted also?
  3. Hi, I need help with a setup. At the moment I've got 4X unlimited GDrives that I want to be both encrypted and mirrored with each other. So a 1:1:1:1 relationship between them all.. Is that possible with the use of CloudDrive and DrivePool? My thought is to first connect and mount the GDrives in CloudDrive, then pool them (and "duplicate" 4X), then back to CloudDrive to mount the pool as "local drive" and encrypt. Thoughts about it? Thanks in advance! /Christoffer
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