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  1. I'll chime in as well. CloudDrive has been very stable for me since upgrading to 725 (now at 753). I have not seen the error that started this thread for several weeks at this point. Stability first, then speed - still working on that one Thanks CoveCube, you have the making of a great product here.
  2. Thanks for posting this @wid_sbdp. I added my G:\ drive to the AV exceptions list, but I'll try adding the processes as well and report back. I'm currently stuck at under 10mbps average download across 6 threads. EDIT: I made the changes to AV configuration without seeing any effect. Since I needed to reboot for Windows updates anyway I took the opportunity to install CloudDrive build 753. Didn't help, in fact it appears to be a bit worse. Currently reading a 20GB file using 6 threads and seeing about 8 mbps aggregate read throughput with individual 1MB read transaction response times in
  3. Reading @wid_sbdp's post caused me to check my response times and I am seeing a similar pattern but for read operations against GCD with v749 on Win10. I have 6 read threads enabled and it seems that CloudDrive is always reading 1MB (even though I have prefetching set for 20MB as these are all sequential media files). Response times to individual 1MB reads from GCD are all in the 10,000 - 15,000 millisecond range. As you can imagine, reading 6 MB every ~ 12 seconds does not give very good overall throughput. I am not seeing any API throttling (no turtles). Is this a google thing?
  4. I am running build 730 on Win10 X64, with 10MB chunks and 3 threads in each direction. Not a high performance configuration but I haven't had a dismount in a week (with pretty constant usage).
  5. pocomo

    Rate Limit Exceeded

    I was severely affected by this issue with GCD and am now testing buld 730. It's working great in terms of stability; 3 days now without a drive unmount error, which is the longest I have ever gone. Definitely headed in the right direction, thanks guys.
  6. Update: I decided to start over with a completely generic Win10 Pro install, running inside VmWare ESXi 6 on Intel NUC6 hardware. Got that up and running, installed CloudDrive build 723, set up a new Google Drive disk, no problems. So far it seems to be working fine, no idea what was wrong with my other machine and will probably never know. Edit: forgot to mention that I have seen a few "rate limit exceeded" messages but they have not impeded successful operation. I'm also leaving the chunk integrity checking turned on, as I would really hate to have the drive get corrupted once it star
  7. Cool, thanks for the input. I'll give this recipe a shot when I have some time.
  8. @everyonce - are you by any chance running VirtualBox on your physical Windows host in your setup? That's the only thing that I think separates my setup from a bog-standard Win10 install.
  9. I created a new drive on Google Drive using v723 and it's kinda working but I am unable to initialize the drive through Win10's disk management interface or cmdline diskpart. I recorded two initialization attempts with drive tracing enabled and uploaded the resulting logs to dropbox. If these turn up anything I would love to hear about it; other folks seem to be having a pretty high success rate. Thanks!
  10. Upgraded to 723 and started over with a fresh install and a new drive. Creation completes but I still get an error during formatting and Disk management is unable to initialize the drive. The service log contains an entry I hadn't seen before "7:40:49.5: Warning: 0 : Error getting info on pack. Sequence contains no elements" but not much else, here's the full contents of the log. 7:37:42.9: Information: 0 : [CloudDrives] Synchronizing cloud drives... 7:37:42.9: Information: 0 : [Disks] Got Disk_Depart (disk ID: 97bac974-efd0-4609-b907-79fc8e20fe68)... 7:37:43.9: Information: 0 : [Disks]
  11. I did a 'reset all settings to default' just to try and see if this would stabilize things, but to no avail. Upon reboot I unlocked the drive and it errored out and unmounted within 1 minute with the same message as above. I enabled drive tracing again and it took longer to fail this time (maybe 4 minutes?). Same error. Destroyed that drive and created a new one with all default values except for 10 TB size. Got the message dialog 'there was an error while trying to format your drive, try from Disk Management'. Tried from disk management, failed while initializing drive with new part
  12. Cool, thanks Chris. I'll keep an eye on this thread for any updates or further info required.
  13. Hi Chris - Drive tracing log attached. Error occur essentially immediately upon re-attaching the drive. Thanks. Service.MH.20160927.zip
  14. Hi Chris - I'm already running build 722 (see first post). Working on the drive tracing, thanks.
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