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  1. ffj

    Slow "Copy" transfer rate?

    Hi, Is there any update on this issue? I'm having the same Problem: Copy speeds are crippled to only ~30mb/s.
  2. ffj

    Drive keeps dismounting

    Same here. Its unusable lately, its only prefatching with 2mbps on a 1gbit line.
  3. Im also getting a ton of "The parameter is incorrect" erros. Its also unmounting because of the error. Running 749
  4. Hi, Sorry If I was too unclear I get only 25MB/s transfer speeds to the virtual drive on my server running only HDDs. As it crippled my speeds that much I then tried it on my home computer running only SSDs to see if it was a problem on my end. but It then also Reduced the transfer speeds from usally 1GB/s to only ~125 MB/s. This is not a network issue, im talking about moving files to the virtual HDD created by CloudDrive. Again I did not have these issues running .463, which I am running now & everything is fine. On my server yes everything is on HDDs / Nothing else yes
  5. Hi, The BSOD is gone, probably had an other cause. Still having problems with the transfer speeds. Only get ~20mb/sec on my server.Today I tried the latest beta on my desktop, running multiple ssds. Set one as cache & only get ~120/mb sec. Normal transfer speeds are +1gb/sec & ~120mb on my server running HDDs. I don't have these speed issues running .463. Any idea? Thanks
  6. Hi, I was using the .463 beta for quite some time now & decided to update to the lastest .723 beta. After updating my file transfers to the virutal drive were really slow & sometimes even caused the system to hang or crash. System is running Windows Server 2012 Standard 64-bit. I went back to the .463 beta for now. Thanks
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