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  1. Haven't seen any issues, but will keep an eye on it. Speed is back up to nearly 200Mbps, so far better than the 16.8Mbps I was stuck on..
  2. Wow, massive increase in upload rate after creating a new disk with 20mb chunks. Will now start the long task of converting my other drives and transferring the TB's. Thanks for the post!
  3. IanN

    Drive keeps dismounting

    The file is too large, do you have an alternative upload?
  4. IanN

    Drive keeps dismounting

    Its actually working loads better now. It is uploading, but just slowly and keeps going down to 0bps all the time.
  5. IanN

    Drive keeps dismounting

    Well, I set CloudFsDisk_MaximumConsecutiveIoFailures to 15 and it hasn't unmounted for a while, but it is not uploading and shows an error of: Warning: 0 : [ValidateLogins] Error instantiating management provider. Security error.
  6. Uploads are stopping without any error apart from in the logs it is showing the below when I try to reauthorize: Warning: 0 : [ValidateLogins] Error instantiating management provider. Security error. Is there a way to get it to start uploading again without having to reboot? This happens at least once per day. Using GDrive
  7. IanN

    Drive keeps dismounting

    I have also been having random dismounts, using 777. I am also having issues where it will just stop uploading. This is with GDrive.
  8. Was working perfectly for a couple of days and now back to issues.. Multiple errors and not uploading to the drive. I haven't killed the service via task manager. Will try stopping the service gracefully and deleting the data again...
  9. Ok, think I might of found the issue. The disk that I was using as the local had about 2Tb of data on it. Rightly or wrongly, I killed the clouddrive processes and then deleted all of the local data (when deleting it showed as 11.9Tb). Loaded CloudDrive back up and re-authorised the drives etc. and all working perfectly. No errors and transferring data fine.
  10. Spoke to soon, still having random issues with the drive suddenly losing drive letter.. The disk is still in the UI, but not loaded as an actual drive. Any ideas? On version 748
  11. Ok, going back to 748 seems to be a lot more stable, thanks
  12. Yes, thats what I normally do, but this just won't mount at all. Tried a server reboot, killing the process and restarting etc. nothing seems to work. Can't detach the drive as still 104Gb to upload. Its got 4Tb of data on it so hopefully I haven't lost it
  13. Running version 753 on Windows 2012 with no shutdown issues.
  14. Hi Tim, thanks for the reply. Do you mean within Windows? If so, I have checked and it cannot see the cloud drive.
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