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  1. The current behavior of cloud drive only allows for storage of files in the "StableBit CloudDrive" folder in "My Drive". I have access to an unlimited shared drive which doesn't use my 15 gb of storage that google currently has for free accounts. Is there anyway to change the location of which stablebit uses on google drive. I have other truly unlimited accounts, but this would be great for stuff that I want to store without hitting api bans on my unlimiteds. Check the image for more information.
  2. I would like to request a feature of setting the software to have a daily cap on uploads so that the api limit of around 750gb is not hit. I know speed limits are in place and having it at 75 mbps is possible, but its a waste of power to leave on a machine at a slower rate. Since the software is already tracking how much to upload, could this be easily added to give the user more control over the product. Thanks!
  3. I don't know what changed recently, but speeds are much better with the latest update. (I just got the update the other day).
  4. That is exactly what I am looking to do. I looked into Cryptomator and while it seems like a good solution, unfortunately it has a limitation of max 4gb file limitation in Windows with no chunk type system in place. Clearly Stablebit Cloud Drive is the superior software, its the limitations by Google which is causing the issues. Stablebit Cloud Drive would be amazing with this system as it would split the files, have verification of the files, and would run much faster. I can't test it because of the software restriction (for good reason in other cases).
  5. While in theory you are correct in that it adds an extra step in the process, the speeds that Stablebit is able to obtain is much less than what google's official Filestream solution can do. How about a thought experiment? If you were to release a software for your own cloud platform, would you optimize it for API users or your own product where you can see what files and patterns your users are performing. After all - Google is an advertising company and more information the better. Additionally, having speeds of 150-200mbps on a good day for clouddrive is much much less than the 1gbps
  6. What I am trying to do with filestream. So to sum it up, I am looking to let Stablebit Cloud Drive create the chunks as if it was a local storage location. The only difference is that it would be reading and writing to the Filestream mounted drive. In this scenario, Stablebit Cloud Drive would handle drive (and by extention - chunk) creation/reading/writing, but Filestream would be in charge of actually downloading/uploading the chunks from Google Drive. The speed difference alone for upload and download are enormous if Stablebit Cloud Drive was mounted this way. (maxes out 1
  7. I understand the 75 mbps limitation. This is with that enabled that I am getting 50mbps. How can I set a local cache that is not physically on the system ie - the filestream mounted drive? It would save me a ton of headaches.
  8. As an owner of 3 cloud drive licenses, I'm pretty disappointed with the current performance of the product with google drive. With a 1gbps line up and down, I can't seem to keep cloud drive happy and disconnects are daily at this point. I do not upload more than 1 gb a day normally and the software is on idle, so I know its not hitting the API limit from google. My max speeds are terrible too with a whopping average of 50 mbps download before hitting throttling. This is on the current version. The product isn't inherently bad, but with google drive speed limitations while usi
  9. This fixed the issue! Thank you so much for commenting on this thread. The drive was listed as "offline" due to administer policy in disk management. This is default on the installer for datacenter as I didn't change the defaults yet. (This is for an NTFS drive)
  10. I am currently on that version on both machines (Server and Win 10 Pro)
  11. I just mounted the drive again on my other machine. It seems the main difference is the I/O errors on the trace. On the other machine, those do not occur.
  12. I was able to snag a copy of Windows Server Datacenter 2016 from my EDU account. The problem is when I load up clouddrive on that computer, my drive mounts(shows up in clouddrive software) but never shows as a readable/writable drive. Is there anything I can do to fix this issue. Here is my trace for the session. I replaced some of the possible id information with "*****" Note this same drive and google drive account mounts just fine on a Windows 10 64bit Pro machine. :01:28.6: Information: 0 : [CloudDrives] Drive ***************************** was previously unmountable
  13. My upload is 1 gigabit up and down. Happened on throttled settings of 65-75 mbps upload and without the throttle.
  14. I am having this issue as well. I have multiple drives and 2 google drive unlimited EDU accounts. My 2 mounted drives (one on one edu account and the other on the other edu account) are always is disconnecting randomly in the same way as OP. I have limited my upload to the recommended amount to stay below API limits imposed by google and does not seem to matter if I'm uploading or not. My version is
  15. Christopher- how would I use the local one for testing?
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