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  1. I have tried to search for this but haven't seen an answer. What files do i need to backup if I need to reinstall the os? I have done this once before and I lost all information on drive status's, bays, etc... I would like to preserve that information on my reinstall. I'm sure I could figure it out if I looked long enough but hoping you have this information handy.
  2. Ok I know its a simple question but are the plugins for Drivepool supported with beta? I tried to install the SSD and file placement plugins and I get the message "Stablebit DrivePool 2.X needs to be installed before installing this plug-in". I have version , BETA. With 64 bit Windows 10 Professional. I believe its 64bit (In Program Files folder not x86). Is this true? I tried both 64 and 32 bit versions.
  3. Ok. I missed your second post on the bitlocker setting for clouddrive. Once I changed it for both Drivepool AND clouddrive (if there both running) the pinging stopped and the drives are looking good .
  4. Looks like it is clouddrive for me too. I also tried the bitlocker setting to false but didnt' work. Unless i made a mistake. I attached a photo to show how it stopped. Heres the bitlocker config. Which has the bitlocker set to False. Since i don't current or actively use Clouddrive ill just keep the service off.
  5. Thanks for the bump. It made me realize its happening to my discs too. I will try the latest beta and report back. I was on the latest stable 2.1.
  6. I did try that. As I said in the OP it said I didn't even have read only permissions so the object properties were not even viewable. I couldn't even pull up any properties in the Security tab. And it wouldn't allow me to change owner as i didn't have rights to do so. I tried many things to fix it. My only fix was to format the drive as i couldn't even delete the folders. So i did a force remove, manually copied any files still on it that were missed, and than format it. Than I just re added it back to the pool. Everything works now. Luckily this drive had almost no data. Also do have a b
  7. EDIT: Ok actually the problem could have been caused from me manually move those files from say ddrive L to F or it was caused from setting a rule on L to disallow all those file types. I just realized on drive L in the pool those folders cant be accessed at all. So that is where the issue dirves. I will play with it some more and see if i can figure it out. L is just a cache drive (with a clouddrive and some cach files) so i may just remove it and readd the drive. Original***** So i have seen this twice the past 6 months or so since i got it. I recently manually copied files inside t
  8. Before i use anything i like to know there are alternate ways to decrypt the data. Currently you have to mount the drive against the cloud storage to get the data back. Can you manually copy all files locally into a folder and decrypt it that way? I read some old threads that it would be a future feature. Do I just mount a "Local" path and use the same passphrase to decrypt the data?
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