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  1. It's done. Google Drive costs $40 dollars / month for unlimited business storage. Rock solid provider with reasonable upload limits.
  2. Last time I checked it was 5x8 $ = 40$ But as it is fast and definitely not throttled, I really love their service. I uploaded for testing 12.8 Terabyte just to test, if they really mean it. They announced a file size limit of 5 TB. So I tested it and it worked. The file is still there. Amazon CloudDrive and Microsofts one Drive Business are hilarious. They throttle or loose files. I really do not understand why google drive was not implemented in the Beta.
  3. Google Drive for Work means unlimited storage for about 40 dollar a month. And even normal googledrive accounts could be pooled together with drivepool. And nothing stops you from having multiple google accounts right. Furthermore google has amazing speed. I get around 220 Mbit/s. Yes on gigabit fiber google allows to sync with up to 250 mbit/s per second. It would be wonderful to have Google Drive support. Fast, afordable, unlimited. Is there a beta release supporting this provider already? Yours sincerely Reptile Edit:
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