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DrivePool & CloudDrive combo



I need help with a setup. At the moment I've got 4X unlimited GDrives that I want to be both encrypted and mirrored with each other. So a 1:1:1:1 relationship between them all..
Is that possible with the use of CloudDrive and DrivePool? My thought is to first connect and mount the GDrives in CloudDrive, then pool them (and "duplicate" 4X), then back to CloudDrive to mount the pool as "local drive" and encrypt.

Thoughts about it?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Christofer,


When you create the could drive you are asked if you would like to make it an encrypted volume. Chose this and you will not have to worry about encryption after the fact and it will happen all behind the scenes.


Also when you create a Pool I believe that it also automatically sets it up as a local dive.


So your steps would be:

Create (x4) Google Cloud Drives with encryption.

Create (x1) Drive Pool with all of the cloud drives and set the duplication on the pool at x4.


After that you will have a pooled drive and any file you put on there will be duplicated across all of the google drives.

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