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  1. I have a Dreamhost Web hosting account (that I'm very satisfied with.) They also offer "DreamObjects" which is an Open Source cloud-based storage service (based on Ceph) that can utilize an API that is compatible with the Amazon S3 API. Could CloudDrive be compatible with something like this? Their pricing structure starts at something like $0.025/GB/month storage, and $0.05/GB/month for download. It seems pretty reasonable. (I don't work for them--I'm just a happy customer.) Being able to leverage CloudDrive with this would be very handy. Thoughts?
  2. I used to have an HP MediaSmart Home Server and I absolutely LOVED that you could add and remove drives as needed, and it would automatically handle balancing and selective folder duplication. Well, I purchased one of those tiny Intel NUC computers (NUC6I5SYH) (it rocks, by the way with it's i5 and SSD!) along with a Mediasonic 4 Bay SATA HDD Enclosure. The enclosure is populated with 2 x 2 TB drives and 2 x 1 TB drives. One of the 2 TB drives and one of the 1 TB drives each have tons of media and other files. The other two drives were empty. So last night, I installed DrivePool, and after a little bit of testing to better understand how it works, I created a new pool, and added all 4 drives. I then used the slick "copy everything into the hidden folder" trick to quickly populate the pool, I configured the settings to enable duplication, and i then clicked "re measure". Today, it completed. Everything is balanced and duplicated. I then removed the drive letters from the pool member drives (so Windows Explorer is now clean) and mounted the member drives as folders in a folder on the new DrivePool drive for "just in case" times when I want to look into the member drives directly. I tried to get Storage Spaces working under Windows 10, but it failed in two ways: First, it requires that all pooled drives be erased. This makes the process very, VERY long. And second, for some reason, Storage Spaces simply wouldn't work with my drive enclosure. In the end, I'm very, VERY happy with DrivePool. Now to test out DriveScan and put it through its paces. Looks like StableBit will be getting some of my money! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  3. Thanks! That's what I thought. I like the idea of mounting as an NTFS folder. I never looked into that. So I removed the drive letters from all pool member drives, and then mounted them all in a folder on the DrivePool virtual drive. Windows Explorer is now clean!
  4. I have a 4-bay drive enclosure containing 4 drives, and I added all 4 to a new storage pool. So far, so good. The pool is currently duplicating. Windows Explorer shows the 4 member drives and the new DrivePool drive. Is there any problem with going into Disk Management and removing the drive letters from all of the member drives? This way, the "This PC" view would be clean and it would force me to just leave the member drives alone, and focus on the pooled drive. Intuitively, it seems that DrivePool doesn't care about the drive letter, because it's smart enough to identify each drive at a lower lever. Normally, I would just remove the drive letters and see what happens, but I'm dealing with a couple terabytes of data, and I'm a bit paranoid about doing anything that could mess things up. Jim Barr
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