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  1. Hi doesn't list the location drive it is on it just just list the files which are stored on the pool what we want is a list of what is stored on each drive in case a drive fails even with duplication I would still want to check just to make sure nothing was missing
  2. Hi I looked for something similar but couldn't find anything it has been asked about before I think it's another project waiting to start after the cloud drive thing is sorted so it may be a while yet. They did update a beta with a command line interface dpcmd which is good and will do what we want however it puts out a hell of a lot of rubbish and it would probably take just as long to look through the log as it would to check all the drives. Chris if you read this could the dpcmd be updated to list files this way and do 1 drive at a time at the moment it's all mixed up and and the location field is too long. (Drive name) \\folder name\file name
  3. Hi bud I would be guessing they are away for the holidays support here is first class give them sometime with their families they will sort it for you when there back
  4. Did you have duplication enabled for your folders if not I hope you have a backup its not the softwares fault if a drive fails scanner helps if a drive starts to show errors but drives do just fail instantly. I have 30tb's of data duplicated x2 with my most important stuff set to 3x and I use crashplan to backup all the important stuff too I also always leave enough free space in my pool to reduplicate the largest drive so in my case that is 4tb that way if a drive does fail drivepool will automatically reduplicate the data. If you can identify which drive you have lost try it in another machine and navigate to the pool parts folder and get everything off 1 file at time any read errors should show up then it might help identify what files you have u lost.
  5. Can the other machines see the server at all you may need to point then to the server before you install the connector. Yes I have always used the server to backup all my machines to the pool never had a problem.
  6. You have to install the connector from microsofts website for Windows 10 support the connector built into r2 doesn't work with win10 unless they have fixed
  7. I have steam installed on my server in the pool and I install games to it mapped from my desktop works fine.
  8. Hi you could just buy yourself some rackmount bars off eBay go to your local hardware shop and get them to cut some 22mm mdf to your custome sizes screw the bars on there you go I built mine like that cost me about £30 I needed a case at a specific size for where I wanted it stored.
  9. Haven't had any problem just install and play
  10. Hi I had the same problem scanner said that there were bad sectors but wd lifeguard passed the drives I just did a full format and put the drives back in touchwood they have been fine I think scanner is a little too sensitive at times and when it flags an error it just won't let go, to test put scanner on a different machine 30day trial and scan the drive mine came up no bad sector but in the server it still flagged as bad it does stop by the time my next scheduled drive scan came up every 30 days the drive was fine.
  11. Check eBay in the uk you can pick up dual xenon quad core 2.8 16gig to 32gig dell 29** for around £50 to £100 strip it down use the parts in your own server
  12. Hi On a similar note after upgrading to win10 my ssd went from 40% full to only 10% left download tree size and discovered over 45gig in the windows installer folder now after googling a lot said never touch it but I did find one post that had a link to a utility that scans the installer folder and deletes any unused files you can even move them to another drive in case you get problems. it's risky but my installer folder went from 45 gig to 3.3gig now that's a risk I am willing to take and that's a lot to back up too also. I'll get the name of the software when I get home from work or try google "how to clean up windows installer folder" I only found programmes one was microsofts which has been removed and the one I used.
  13. Hi Chris my vss service has failed on my whs2011 server due to a naff Ms update so I have decided to install server 2012. Installation went fine followed the get started procedure domain is all set up, I can Remote Desktop into the server access it online via the domain, it's not visible on the network and none of the pc's can connect to the domain I get the error active domain service ad-ds unavailable also the launchpad connector fails to install I can download it but says server is unavailable when installing any help would be appreciated i tryed to PM you but your in box is full I might have to book a remote session over the weekend lol Thx Lee
  14. You may need to pass the drives through I had an adapter 24port raid card while the card could see the drives and I could see them in gui interface they were invisible to windows tbh it turned out to be a pain in the arse so I ended buying a highpoint hba and a 36 port expander works a charm I bet if you set the drives to raid or pass through windows will see them make sure there empty tho even passing them on my adapted destroyed any data that was on them
  15. Hi I used to use Xigmatek Utgard these can take 3 x 5drive enclosure's have excellent airflow I still have the 2 I used excellent case's I moved to rack mount that's the only reason I stopped useing them. Plenty of reviews on line of the case 9 x 5.25 slots
  16. Hi think the first thing I would try is shutdown disconnect all the hard drives restart then reboot then add 1 drive at a time after each reboot until the problem starts. If it doesn't reboot with no drives connected stop the pool service then rebooting if it still stalls then it's not the pooling software causing the problem
  17. Hi I use crashplan for the important stuff otherwise I just use 3x duplication down to 2x for less criticle.
  18. Hi can you post what the problem is we have a good community here we may be able to help customer support is very good there probably busy helping other people with there issues I am sure your on the list.
  19. Hi not sure if this helps or not but if you have iTunes installed there is a known problem that causes this you even if your using another player, anyway what you have to do is load QuickTime up go to preferences and change the playback mode to safe mode you may have to do this a number of times as it doesn't always stick then reboot and it does stop it mine used to pause for a few seconds at the beginning of each song very annoying but the above did solve it if you google iTunes playback stuttering there are other solutions as well.
  20. I will have to check disparity out sounds easy to use and setup. I do think Alex is missing a trick by not giving us a yes or know on some of the addons people have requested would be nice to have a complete suite of software that integrates and plays nice.
  21. Hi Carlo I think I have everything setup as it should be however the amp (pioneer lx88) cannot detect anything other than standard 5.1 for instance if I play the same film through the acryan mini2 it plays fine amp detects DTS HD when I play the same film using pass through on the Xbox/ps/firetv/lgtv the amp is only displaying surround sound they are running plex but interestingly if I put the disk in the Xbox and play it then the shows DTS HD so either I have something set wrong in plex or it can't pass the correct sound I will check forums like you said maybe I am 1 checkbox away from solving the problem lol Thx Lee EDIT: Well I searched the forums and found 1 article relating to the Xbox quote does the app support DTS reply at present there is no support for 3rd party applications to play DTS. So it looks like I can stop fiddling it's never going to happen lol I think I will probably run plex along side my acryan streamers the TV's in the bedrooms are all smart and the app works fine and there is no need for advanced sound on them so it's great and easy on them while in the main rooms downstairs I will continue to use the Ryan's to get the most of the systems I have set up and best sound. Also doing some more research the MP4 container does not support DTS but MKV does and is preferred by most however the video quality is the same and MP4 does generate smaller files however if you have ever listened to a film in DTS HD you would never settle for standard 5.1 again so I hope this helps anybody else who may have noticed the downgrade in sound while using plex. So like I said above I will continue to use both as I do like plex but overall if you want the best picture/sound they are other options
  22. Hi Having listened to you all I downloaded plex to see what all the fuss is about my first impressions are its a good looking interface fast and easy to setup/use program what I tested it on iPhones plex app Lg smart TV plex app PS3 plex app Xbox one plex app Amazon fire stick plex app All worked fine then I noticed my amp was not receiving DTs for the life of me I couldn't get anything pass through DTs the Xbox and PS3 provided the best sound but we're only passing 5.1 standard directplay/directstream made no difference. Then I started to lag and stutter now this was down to my server been more on the green side rather than performance. Then noticed many of my films missing plex does not like ISO's so while I could use other programs or just convert them all I went back to my Acryan mini2 to compare now and I have to say they continue to impress they can play anyformat they pass all audio Including HD which my amp confirms by telling me on its screen and my server doesn't need to convert anything all the boxes take care of all that. So the server isn't thrashing around, downside is its in house only I think I haven't tried them off the network dialling in via ip I try that this weekend form my parents. So I like plex but I think either I need more compatible hardware or it needs more codecs either way I believe those that want 1080p with true hd sound running through a high end sound system will notice the difference if you just wanna stream to your stereo smart TV it's perfect as long as your server is powerful enough to handle a lot of streams. Lee
  23. "Heck....The FBI took me to jail on my 15th birthday simple because the internet didn't exist. Bastards." Hahaha lol
  24. Use the force removal of drive option
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