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  1. Here is the current list of File system filters running. The asw ones are AVAST antivirus. npsvctrig and Wof appear to be windows native. DisParity finished its update while I was at work today and seemed to work fine. The yellow bar on DrivePool was from earlier when I deleted the duplication, there was a .lock file it couldn't get to. That has since been resolved and DrivePool is back to green.
  2. Just recently went through the pain of trying to run 5 3TB drives in RAID5 off of my Intel ICH10R controller. This proved to be very painful and left me with about a 15MB/s write speed. A friend recommended DrivePool to me, I am an old WHS user and had previously been using the Windows Storage Spaces so I thought it sounded good. The only thing It was missing for me was Parity as I didn't want full duplication. Here is my setup, I went with DisParity and I was very happy with how easy it was to setup. When I first created the DrivePool I put all 5 drives in and turned on duplication, so I had to remove duplication the remove one of the drives for parity. DisParity was a very easy point and click setup, just make sure when you add a drive that the "Ignore Hidden Files and Folders" option is unchecked. I know SnapRAID is another option but for those that would rather have a GUI, this is a nice freeware alternative.
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