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  1. I need to move my server to the another. Current one is running windows 8.1, the new one is windows 10. What is the best way to move drive pool and all the settings (if possible) to the new machine? The ideal situation would be to have exact same DrivePool setup on the new machine as the old one, so all the programs, that use the pool could be easily transferred by simply exporting settings, reinstalling on the new machine and importing settings... How do I transfer the license? The same situation for Scanner. Whats the best way to migrate to the new machine?
  2. @Wiidesire Do not use, or at least do not think of buying WhereIsIt. I am using it, because I have bought it like 10 years ago. It was, maybe even still is the best at cataloging files and folders on drives. But it has serious problems. It has been, basically abandoned. Even here it shows up as discontinued: Where Is It? - AlternativeTo.net The program also has a single dev, but not like guys here. That one is a real asshole. Check out comments on AlternativeTo (the link above). and I, myself can attest to that - I had a displeasure of a support email exchange with him. Fuck that guy. The p
  3. I am sorry for this post, but it needs to be said. I was so exited when I found DrivePool and Scanner about 2 years ago, that I bought the whole "package" right then and there. I think I even own a licence for CloudDrive, though I never tried it I've been keeping myself from posting a rant for a looong time now. But after reading this thread, it's just too much... Long story short - my setup is 50+ drives in one pool, with a million plus files. A lot of points made below stem from this - having lots of drives with a shitload of files. Scattered all over files 1. DrivePool, for
  4. So, I decided to try out the CloudDrive for the first time. It seems I have bought it too, when I bought the package, heh Anyway, I just started the Amazon Drive Unlimited trial. And only then I found this topic... So what do I do now? Do I use build or the latest? Or am I f***ed, until you implement the new api?
  5. @Chris thanks for answers. So I cleared the drive of unduplicated files (with the Drive Usage Limiter). It's been 4-5 days and there's no new warnings in the event viewer. Good sign? I guess I'll wait and see what happens This drive is one of 8 Seagate external drives I bought on Black Friday in 2011. The prices for drives have jumped sky-high back then, after the flood. I would've never bought external drives, but these went for ~$90, so I jumped on them in anticipation, that the prices will not go down quickly. Anyway, the first one of these died like 5 months ago and I thoug
  6. Chris, as always, you're awesome, thanks for answers. OS: win 8.1 Pro x64 DrivePool: Beta Scanner: As much as I can recall, nope. Take a look: <?xml version="1.0"?> <configuration> <configSections> <sectionGroup name="applicationSettings" type="System.Configuration.ApplicationSettingsGroup, System, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=REMOVED"> <section name="DrivePoolUI.MySettings" type="System.Configuration.ClientSettingsSection, System, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=REM
  7. Yesterday my gf asked me to get her a movie, so I downloaded it for her. Today she wanted to watch it, and asked why it's not there, did I forgot? I said, of course no, I did, it's there. She says no... I say, fuck yes, it is. She says no. I'm like, give me that...(the remote). I look through her Kodi library and... WTF? It's not there. The problem is, I KNOW I have it, I fucking got it yesterday. I use "Everything" to look for it, and there it is. I'm like WTF? The problem, that "Everything" does not work on the DrivePool pool, only on the mounted drives themselves. I go into the pool and wha
  8. So, DrivePool just gave me a really shitty Christmas present. I just noticed that Sonarr was giving errors. I checked the pool on my server and the TVShows folder was fucked. I was unable to copy files onto it or create folders. I always got this error (Directory Opus on the left, windows file explorer on the right): DrivePool showed nothing wrong, except "File distribution not optimal" and "Re-balance" option. I tried to re-balance. Which completed in like 10 seconds and did not help at all. Then I tried to "Re-measure". It finished in a minute or so, but the "Statistics are incom
  9. Yep, probably gonna need to use dedicated disks for utorrent. Arrgh, I added all the spinners to the pool, just yesterday I love having only SSDs and one huge pool of spinners in "This PC" Can I "un-seed" the drives from the pool? I mean I stop the service, move the files out of the pool into the drive's root (these files will not have duplication, of course) . Restart the service, re-measure, and then remove the drive from the pool. Which should be quick, as there's no files to move on removing the drive? Pitty though, I used to seed TBs upon TBs. Now if I have duplication, and stil
  10. Thanks for an answer. Removed the letter, added mount point to folder, restarted, everything's OK.
  11. Yep, Chris from the day before yesterday is better than Chris from yesterday, Such a blunder Scared me half to death for no good reason. You should be ashamed of yourself... But seriously, thanks for confirming about ut behavior. So, I should remember to stop the torrent, after it finished downloading and then resume it for seeding. Hoping, that ut would release the write-lock on the files. I gather ut should not re-lock the files with write-lock, just for seeding, but we'll see, I guess. Thanks again for all your answers, Chris.
  12. Christopher, to be honest, I almost got scared another drive(s) dying... But then I was re-reading one of my older questions and found this: And of course, I had utorrent seeding 200+ torrents. I closed utorrent, added some more drives to the pool (by seeding the pool), and after the pool was up and running again - only ~12 GB of Other data. So, just to confirm - utorrent locks the files adn DP sees them as Other? I was thinking of seeding from the pool. Won't that be a constant problem, if the files are actualy Duplicated, but DP sees them as Other half of the time? Is that
  13. I'm trying to remove the drive letter from the drive and gives me this error: And these are the files that are locking the drive: I tried restarting the server, but it did not help. This drive is in the pool, so I want it without a letter and mounted to a folder. Any ideas how to fix this?
  14. Just an update: Reshuffled the drives in the backplanes. 17 drives have moved or switched places. Drivepool remeasured after restart and everything is peachy. Scanner also recognized all the drives and the looking at the last scan history for al the drives, it seems they have been identified correctly, as they all have the scan history. Awesome. Now all I need is for the drives to stop dying
  15. I reshuffled the drives in my backplanes, and after restarting the server and after DrivePool remeasured the pool the "other" size has decreased from considerably: from 2.58TB to 1.92TB. This is still too much though, it should be something like 1.7TB. Why the size decreased - no idea, I tried remeasuring like 5 times before and it did not change. Now it did, though still to big. I hate not knowing what the hell is going on Ok, here's the screens of PoolPart on one of the disks, that should not have any other data, but has 51.6 GB. As you can see, it's clearly not 51.6 GB d
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