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  1. Shane: Hi, and thanks for your help! The answer as to whether I am using any part of my system drive as part of the Pool, is NO - Never. My System Drive has never been anything other than the System Drive. It is a 300GB WD Raptor partitioned into a 160GB C-Part and the remainder as a D-Part. The D-Part has always shown up as being available to add to the Pool, but I have never done it. I was planning to either run the Restore from Windows > Macrium Reflect App, which if memory serves me, sets up a special Boot path and then requires a Reboot of the PC, ... OR, I could just boot from
  2. Hi All, I am running WHS2011, 92TB Server, 65TB used, 98% Duplicated, 29 Physical Disks, DrivePool v2.2.2.934. I need to RESTORE my System Drive from a Macrium Reflect Image done about a week ago to resolve an issue unrelated to DrivePool or the Pool, that cannot be resolved any other way. My question is if I do that, can DrivePool recover from this and get my Pool back to where it was without any loss of Data saved after the Restore image? Also, is there any specific procedure I need to follow to prevent Data loss, like disconnecting all drives beforehand etc etc.? Thanks for any
  3. Mick Mickie: Thanks for jumping in Mick! Christopher just said "Crashes", so I thought the "Fix" might not help me. I don't usually upgrade to Beta versions of anything, but in this case I think I might make an exception. I was just upgrading to sort of get away from the built-in wssx versions in preparation for my upcoming move to Server 2016 Essentials. Again, thanks! Gary
  4. Thanks for getting back to me. However: I don't think my WHS2011 system has EVER crashed - not once!. It hung up once, but it was MY fault. I only reboot it when the MS Updates tell me I have to. I did't lose just SOME of my Disk settings, I lost ALL of them - 100%! Do you still think that cause would apply to me? Gary
  5. Christopher: So do you have any other ideas I can try? I really do not want to, nor should I have to, re-do everything at each upgrade, don't you agree? Thanks Christopher, Gary
  6. Hi Christopher! I tried that already but there is no JSON folder in the .wssx version I upgraded FROM. I discovered your thread from July 2018 AFTER I posted this, sorry about that. Gary
  7. Last night, I decided to upgrade from Scanner (wssx) to Scanner (exe). At first, the install failed and told me I needed to UN-install the prior version before I could proceed with the upgrade to (exe). So I did this from the Dashboard (Remove Add-in). Afterward, it did not ask me to reboot, so I didn't, thinking my current configs would more likely be preserved than if I did. The RE-Reinstall went OK with no errors and it reported the install as "Successful". After running the new version for the first time, I immediately noticed that ALL (100%) of my Disk Set
  8. Hello everyone! I was recently given a brand new WD MyCloud EX4 4-Bay NAS, already populated with 4 x brand new 3TB WD Red HDD's (NASware 3.0). I can always just pull the drives and install them in some of my other available slots, and sell the NAS Box or utilize it in some other way. But ... my main server box of 15 drives is already full, as is also my only decent exterior storage box of 5 more drives. The only available space I have (if I don't find a way to utilize the WD Box), is an open & exposed 5-Bay Sans Digital Hard Drive Rack that I set up to be just a temporary facility until
  9. Thanks Christopher! I should have thanked you sooner, but I had trouble logging onto the Forums AGAIN! Sorry. Gary
  10. Just a quick question here, I promise. Basis: I do not operate my Server headless. When I am logged onto the Server directly as Administrator, in File Explorer, in the Navigation pane, I can see my ‘Local Disk C:’ Drive and the (2nd partition) ‘Local Disk D:’ drive like when I log onto any other PC. BUT, I can ALSO see another drive that seems to have been created by DrivePool. I am assuming it is a "Virtual" Pooled Drive. In my case it is named the ‘Local Disk S:’ Drive. There are only 3 folders in the ‘S:’ drive: the ‘Recycle’ Folder, the ‘System Volume Information’ Folder and a Folde
  11. @Christopher (Drashna) Well, not completely. I am still left wondering about these things... Windows 10 as a Server questions: 1. Licensing: You brought up a change that put the user in violation of the EULA if it is used as a “Server”, per se’. If I go this route in spite of this, am I going to run into Activation problems initially OR down the road? 2. Dashboard: Would I have use of a “Dashboard” like in WHS2011 where I can see all my Drives and Shares together on the same page? 3. Drive Mounting: Will I be able to mount my drives into Folders like WHS20
  12. Definitely you. I'm not at all agitated. I was just trying to express another way of looking at it. I knew when I wrote it however, that sometimes it can APPEAR that way, so I actually tried to avoid that in the way I wrote it. Maybe I didn't do such a great job with that, but rest assured I am NOT agitated. I'm also not bashful or timid. When I *am* agitated, and I want you to know it, you will, without any doubt. I am looking hard at this option. It seems to be the best, most economical option for people like me (and maybe you) that just want a Home Media Server without any fancy Se
  13. Well, this is confusing at best. There HAS to be more to this than what we are seeing and interpreting here. On the one hand, MS is selling a Server OS that allows 25 users, 50 devices and no CALs required. Then, out of the other side of their mouth, they are allowing only TWO of those 25 users to be logged in at the same time? That would mean that the other 23 users had to sit and wait until one of the two already allowed logs out before they can log in. Huh? This would also mean that there is no solution for this, since the Essentials version does not support or deal with CAL’s at all. Ther
  14. Umfriend: I do actually use WHS for client backups, I said it’s just not the one I RELY on, that’s really all. Reason is because WHS has failed to restore about half of the PC’s I have asked it to do. Macrium Reflect has NEVER let me down. In addition, this way I have 2 sets of backups, which can’t hurt except for the drive space required to have it. BTW: Regarding the backup thing, consider this: Macrium Reflect is fully network aware, and full or incremental image backups can be scheduled to happen automatically, in the background, at any degree of bandwidth, at any chosen time, writte
  15. I don't understand all this talk about CAL's. I went to the Microsoft site and found this: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/cloud-platform/windows-server-pricing It CLEARLY states that the Essentials version of Server 2016 allows 25 users and 50 devices with NO CALs REQUIRED. Am I missing something here? If so, please enlighten me. Gary
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