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  1. Is support even being active in this forum anymore? Been waiting for 8 months now.
  2. You can take a look at old Disk and DiskID files under: C:\ProgramData\StableBit Scanner\Service\Store\Json Another option would be to right click on the drive, "Ping Disk" and then check which drive indicator on your NAS/DAS/enclosure/whatever lights up.
  3. The loss of information after a crash/hard reset and sometimes even normal reboots has been fixed since version You're running an older affected version, consider upgrading to the newest stable one
  4. I've renamed all my drives from the default names to a custom name. However any notifications I receive still use the default name: It would also be helpful if the notification would contain the location (case / drive bay) information.
  5. That's quite "normal" that it happened in the upgrade process to 3246, see here: However now that you're on 3246 it shouldn't happen anymore. I assume some drives are partially scanned now? Reboot and it shouldn't be reset to 0% anymore.
  6. The problem is that you were still on an affected version 3216. By upgrading to the newest version the Stablebit Scanner Service is forcefully shut down, thus the DiskId files can get corrupted in the upgrade process. Now that you are on version 3246 which fixed the problem it shouldn't happen anymore on your next upgrade/reboot/crash. I agree wholeheartedly though that we should get a way to backup the scan status of drives just in case. A scheduled automatic backup would be great. The files are extremely small and don't take a lot of space so don't see a reason not to implement it featu
  7. If you only have this problem with one single disk and not all of your disks, then you likely have a different problem. You could try backing up your settings and then starting from scratch (delete Json folder and restart) to rule out the previous versions having left over some weird issue.
  8. Read here: tl;dr 3246 should fix any reboot scan status wipe
  9. I've had it happen with normal reboots as well, just not as often as with crashes. It just depends on the timing. Imagine what happens on a reboot. Windows is forcefully shutting down services, including the Stablebit Scanner Service. So if this service gets shutdown at the timeframe where it is writing new DiskId files the files can end up corrupted, thus after a reboot the Service creates new DiskId files meaning all previous scan status is lost. Now the DiskId are not written literally every second anymore (which increases the risk that the service gets killed at the time of writing fi
  10. The cause of the issue is fixed with Beta 3246. Since my machine is not frequently crashing, maybe once per month, it will take a while to verify it on my side.
  11. To keep everyone up-to-date: With the help of Alex I've identified the root cause of the issue. The LastSeen variable inside the DiskId files is changed literally every second. This means that the DiskId files are constantly being changed and in the event of a crash there is a high chance that it crashes while the new file is being written thus the DiskId files get corrupted. The LastSmartUpdate variable inside the SmartPersistentInfo files is updated in a more reasonable one minute interval so I'm hoping it is a quick fix to simply adjust the write interval of the LastSeen variable.
  12. I now have some more time and by chance Scanner lost all scan data again after a crash today. I've opened ticket 7381541 and attached the full Service folder to help troubleshoot.
  13. I'm on this exact version and unfortunately this Wednesday after a reboot all my drive scan status is once again gone. So far it has happened eight times to me (over a year so on many different versions). I can tell because all the old json files are still there under C:\ProgramData\StableBit Scanner\Service\Store\Json. For whatever reason the drives get completely new ids thus losing all their status. Let me know what I can do to help troubleshoot this.
  14. Thanks for the fast answer. It was an automatic surface scan. I never said it would get better. However I'm using Scanner precisely to keep track of the health status of my drives. Not getting Email notifications of the rising unreadable sectors is a serious issue. Drive hasn't got warranty anymore. I took the necessary precautions (backup) but the drive is still working fine. <50KB of unreadable data on a drive is not the biggest deal but if the unreadable count continously rises it becomes are a concern which is precisely why I need email notifications of i
  15. I've been using Scanner for a while now and I've been very satisfied with its capabilites. During the usage of the product some questions came up so I wanted to finally ask them here. I currently got one drive with some unreadable sectors. It were only four, so no big deal. However when I went to check today it rose to nine sectors. However I didn't get any notification which is troublesome (I only got one for the initial bad sectors but I need notifications for subsequent ones as well). How can I turn on notifications when unreadable sectors are rising? Another problem i
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