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  1. I am aware of that "risk", but someone hast to do the Beta Testing Are you planning to release the new (final) versions of DrivePool and Scanner in the near future? By the way: 3102 was released. Is this the fix?
  2. Thanks for checking. And yes, I read the changelog. You know me, I give every version a try
  3. Already downgraded. Everything works with that build
  4. I finally bought a SAS-Controller A LSI SAS 9207-8i HBA [link] An IT colleague sold it for under 100€. I bought a Supermicro CBL-0278L cable and now everything is installed. Thanks for your help, your patience and advices! By the way, the new Scanner BETA has a bug. It crashes when you start the UI [Win 8 and WHS 2011].
  5. you are right, it is very hard to find the (supermicro) product you are looking for. thanks for explaning, the difference between awg 26 and awg 30 does not really sound big. personal question, what cables do you use?
  6. you are right, the supermicro site is not the best. do you know the cable matrix page? if you select SAS cables, you get a better overview of what they have. by the way: they have awg 30 and awg 26 cables. i have no idea what the difference is!? what is "better"? i would go for the awg 26 cables, because they look "cooler"
  7. two for 70$!? that sounds like paradise today a M1015 costs ~140€/150€ (used or new - makes no difference). ths siig cables seems hard to get in europe, therefore i did some research and found an alternative: the supermicro CBL-0388L-01 (ebay.com auction). it has four sata ports and a sideband!? and here is my next question: i am not sure what the purpose of the sideband is. can i attach four drives with the cable and remain the sideband unused?
  8. You have to buy a new one. Your WHS2011 license will not work under Win7.
  9. @ Christopher: Thanks so much for the cable-hint! That saves my life Now I have to check where to buy @ p3x-749: Thanks for the explanation. As you mentioned the price for the M1015 has risen, also the other 2008 OEM cards aren't a bargain (anymore). For the moment the H220 from HP is back on my shopping list. It has the "newer" 2308 chip and is already flashed as a HBA. I can grab it for ~150€, I think that is the best deal I can make. By the way, I also checked some LSI firmware readmes: 9300-8i [3008 chip / HBA] 9207-8i [2308 chip / HBA] 9211-8i [2008 chip / HBA] > all firmware packages contain an IR and an IT *.bin [as you mentioned]. Then I checked the Intel firmware package [i mentioned]: > It is named IT/IR firmware, but it only contains one bin. So I think this one should not work as HBA with Intel firmware. But it might be working with a LSI firmware. But I won't risk that
  10. @Christopher: Thanks And again I am one step closer to my controller And sorry, again new questions / remarks: [1] I just found out, that I definitely need right angled SATA cables, due to the fact that my chassis is too small. I did some research and the only cable I found is one from Adaptec. Does somebody else is aware of a SAS cable with four right angled SATA ports? Or has a different method to solve that "problem"? [2] The Adaptec cable is a SFF-8643 cable. I did not find a converter from SFF-8087 > SFF-8643. Therefore I have to buy a SFF-8643 controller. [3] Back to the Intel controller. I just found out that the RS3UC080 has a IT/IR firmware (link to Intel downloads). I think this should work for me. @Christopher: I think this is what you meant, correct?
  11. I still have two questions Just to be on the safe side about the M1015: [1] It does not matter if the IT or IR firmware is installed, in both modes I can use the controller as HBA. Correct? [2] Do you know if "all" LSI controllers handle the HBA mode this way?
  12. Thanks for your feedback and the evaluation. I will follow some ebay auctions and buy my lovely HBA
  13. Hi otispresley, Thanks for your feedback! Ok, that sounds good. What drives do you use? Does anybody know the advantage/disadvantage of SFF-8643 vs. SFF-8087?
  14. Hi Christopher, Thanks for your feedback and the explanation The mentioned Intel controllers are RAID controllers, as you described they are not what I am looking for. I need a "simple" HBA. I already read a lot about the LSI 2008 chipset. There are a lot of OEMs out there ~> link | Here is also a list of the other OEMs ~> link But I am worried that the chipset is too "old". I want to stay with the card for at least 5 years, therefore I was looking for cards with the newer LSI 3008 chipset. For the moment the LSI 9300-8i (link) is on top of my wishlist. It can handle 8 disks and has the new chipset generation. By the way the HP220 (link) card is a good alternative to the M1015. It has a LSI 2308 chipset (according to the above link) and you can get it for ~150€. @p3x-749: I am currently at 15TB with 5 WD Reds (3TB version). The cost per TB is almost the same: A 3 TB WD Red costs ~110€ (37€/TB) a 4 TB WD Red costs 160€ (40€/TB). I would get ~90€ per drive if I would sell them. This gap is too big for me and I am pretty sure in six months I am facing the controller problem again But perhaps I am too anxious, due you have "speed problems" with your LSI 2008 cards?
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