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  1. Using RoboCopy from an admin command prompt will take care of this: robocopy "source directory" "source directory again" /S /move Example: robocopy "c:\Snapraid\mnt/" "c:\Snapraid\mnt/" /S /move But..wouldn't it be better if DrivePool didn't litter and instead cleaned up after itself?
  2. I just want to chip in and say, thank you guys! Thank you for taking the time and effort chasing down this bastard of a nuisance! I just got a new server motherboard so my frequent crashes are history, but if I do crash I'll make sure to report how it works out!
  3. I''m also on this beta and while it now remembers the heat override setting for one of the drives, they're all back to believing they have never been scanned.
  4. I know it makes sense to check drives after a dirty reboot/crash, but Scanner loses _all_ settings every time this happens. Temperature overrides: Gone. Surface scans get set to "Last scanned: Never" Status: "not checked" Drive specific Ignore Warnings: Gone. I thought this might just be a bad install because it's happened numerous times, but I just set up a fresh install of Win 10 Pro x64, and it did the same thing again when my GPU driver tanked.
  5. Nope, it wasn't there, but I worked around it: MSI installers can't be run as admin by default, but doing so from a command prompt made it install properly.
  6. I just had to swap motherboard for my server. Installing and registering DrivePool again was no problem. However, SSD Optimizer refuses to install, claiming I must install DrivePool 2.x first. Is this a bug in the current beta of DrivePool, or is something else afoot? Windows 10 x64 Pro DrivePool beta SSD Optimizer for StableBit DrivePool 2.X (x64)
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