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  1. Has this happened to anyone else before? I hit "Update License" and it says it was successful but just sort of confused as to what happened and if I need to check anything else.
  2. @Christopher (Drashna) Hey Chris. Sorry to be reviving this old post but any recommendations on what people have done in the past for this situation? 1. Is it OK to delete these empty folders now? 2. What have people done to find all of these empty folders so that they could delete them? Luckily, with the small amount of data that I have, it wouldn't be incredibly hard doing that manually but I'm sure someone who has loads of data may have this same question
  3. Hi Chris, thanks for the reply. Do you know if it should be leaving an empty folder on the drive it moved stuff from? For example what I had in the original post. Folder: Drive (2011) - Movie inside of this folder. Originally on Drive #1 When the balancer started running it copied this entire folder and moved it to Drive #2 but.......it left the folder Drive (2011) with no movie inside of it on Drive #1. It did this to multiple other movies as well.
  4. Hi Guys, New user here. Here's what I'm working with (2) 5 TB Hard Drives 1 - 3.75 TB used of 4.55 TB 1 - 500 GB used of 4.55 TB When I first made the pool, nothing balanced and I had turned off my computer after this Upon turning my PC back on, automatic balancing started and now random files are getting placed onto the drive with more free space. And the percentage complete of the balancing is taking a looooooong time. Basically .1 percent every 7-10 mins. Is this by design? Why didn't it balance when I first created the pool? Do I j
  5. Hey guys. Just curious if anyone out there is running a media server (Plex or otherwise) while using Drivepool and also wanting to share their setup (how many drives, backup solution, etc) I’m about to start a media server myself and am just curious how you all use Drivepool to satisfy your needs. Me, personally, I am going pretty basic I think. Media Sever - Windows 10 running Plex (1) 8 TB drive - main drive (2) 5 TB drives - backup drives (pooled together and only powered on while backing up from main drive) Backup - using FreeFileSync to backup any changes/ad
  6. Hey guys. Just curious if what I am going to do will work. Current situation: Two 5 TB drives. One of which already has data on it One 8 TB drive. Has data on it What I would like to do is pool the two 5 TB drives and use them as an offline backup for my 8 TB drive. The 5 TB drives would only be on whenever I'm syncing up the files. I'd prefer to use FreeFileSync to sync the 8 TB to the the 5 TB's if possible so I would need to disable duplication if it's not already enabled I think right? I'm hoping I'm not missing anything as I think I've made this pr
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