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    Database Corrupt?

    I have Win Server 2012 R2 running on a pair of mirrored (RAID1) Hitachi 1TB drives. Drivepool and Stablebit are installed there. I have a pool of 9x WD Red 3TB drives (all test OK per Scanner) with file duplication on and about 16TB of data on the drives. yesterday the OS mirror went off the rails and one drive disconnected. It was repaired and all is well with the OS drive. Unfortunately something went weird with the large pool. Access to the pool hangs the computer for minutes on end and once I get a file listing any movement in folders or activity with a file will cause the system to hang as well. I tried to turn off duplication to recover the space but I get a message stating the file or folder is corrupt and unreadable. How do I proceed?
  2. As a followup I have had the NoWMI setting on for a bit now and I still get the overheating messages. It's really strange because the message states that the drive is 28 degrees with a max of 0. I get a notification that it is overheating and a second later i get an email saying everything is OK. Is something wrong with the profile or possible the drive reporting it is some other type of drive? Could it be my SATA controller? The controller is an LSI raid card set in AHCI mode with RAID turned off. This occurs only with my WD Reds. I have a pair of Hitachi 1tb drives highest in the case, but I have no issues with them.
  3. 1) I get this message sometimes. Why is it reporting overheating at 28 celsius (82F) when the overheating threshold for WD Red 3TB is set to 65 Celsius? 2) Scanner has been getting a lot of bad sectors on my WD Reds, 3 replaced in the past 6 months. Sometimes they are actually bad and I can verify with the other tools. This time I just ran a short and extended test with WD Lifeguard which did not detect any bad sectors. Which software is true, bad sectors or no bad sectors?
  4. I've got my big 24TB media server full of 3TB WD Red drives using Drivepool with duplication on and it's great. It runs Plex as it's primary purpose but I also have a large fileshares with data backed up from my other computers in the house, Acronis images mostly as well as some file copies. Losing the video files is not the end of the world, but ripping the DVDs took an insane amount of time and I'd prefer to not do it again. My pictures, taxes, and whatnot that are in the backups from my other computers are things that I can't lose, thus backups. The server needs a backup and I'm thinking about piling in 5x 3TB WD Green drives into an HP N40L Microserver for nothing other than backup storage. No primary shares, no media storage. Just backups from my main server. It will be small, portable, and easy to grab on the way out out in case of a fire or other disaster. What is the current opinion on Green drives for use in this case where they are idle most of the time and are pooled in a non-RAID manner? Greens are quite a bit less expensive up front and there is a minor power consumption savings as well.
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