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    Hi, Hope you all had a great new year. I've not logged in for quite a while as there didn't seem to be much happening on the development side of things must be over 6months now and I've tried searching the new forum it's very confusing to use not easy at like the old version. Is the product still at a standstill or still in development I have a lot of data stored within drivepool and I want to make sure it's still safe for now. Has there been any progress with the integration of refs lots of questions I would like to ask but don't want to waste my time if it's dead. Lee
  2. I believe the pregnant god had migrated from drivebender to drivepool I wonder if there any files left over from drivebender that could be causing the problem my setup was a fresh install and like you has been stable for well over 3 years now not even a blip I don't let windows auto update anymore I personally check each update and make sure I can rollback if they cause issues windows auto update is the devil in disguise
  3. Have you run any updates since this started Microsoft updates are Notorious For breaking stuff my pool's are only 40tb the links provided seem to point at larger pools so I think jmone has around the same as you so he might be better to try help. failing that why not try a fresh install of the OS
  4. My drives are 64k clusters under server 2012 es r2 I also have a storage space pool which is an exact copy of my drivepool both pools are 40tb and everything is running fine My test rig is running server 2016 and I have been swapping my storage spaces pool between both systems with no problems. My server also has 16gb ram installed. Software installed: Server 2012 r2 Drivepool Scanner Ihomeserver Plex Crashplan iTunes Lights out
  5. Hi my whole pool is refs and I don't have any memory leaks not to say it isn't the cause of yours but every bit of information helps
  6. lee1978

    REFS in pool

    I believe but not certain that it could also be one more Benefit of storage space from what I have read it will upgrade refs on the fly but I would have to read up some more to confirm. Apparently it does upgrade refs but you can't downgrade so if you put the drives in a windows 10 machine they wouldn't work on anything else at the moment they are going to update server 2016 with the new refs version
  7. Have you tried running the dos commands I can't for the life of me remember what's it's called but you can get it to check duplication and it will list the files not duplicated and it's fairly quick Edit "DPCMD"
  8. Hi check the hardware/my rackmount server section some members have listed there setup's with pictures it will help give you an idea of what people are running and there requirements hope it helps its very hard to give this kind of advice as the budget ultimately dictates the advice eBay is a great source of cheap parts
  9. I have only experienced the read only when a drive completely failed which resulted in it been flagged as missing in drivepool which put the pool in read only which is ok I suppose it's kind of a safe mode the only way to get out of this is remove the failed drive from the pool Chris may have another way
  10. Indeed it's not going to happen anyway so it's all speculative but having a pool stuck in read only is a pain everything fails backups, databases , client's trying update there files basically anything that writes to the pool stops. In theory a hotswap would kick in once a missing/failed drive occurs and solve this of course this can be all done manually just leave an empty drive connected at all times remote in add the new drive remove the old drive and it's fixed albeit it's a bit of faffing around even more so when your 3000miles away
  11. The main problem I have found is if a drive completely fails it is classed as missing in drivepool this results in the pool becoming read only this is ok if you are near the server but as I found while on holiday there's not much can be done until you get home in theory a hotswap drive would stop this. it would be possible to log in remotely and delete the missing drive from the pool which should fix the read only issue but if you don't have enough free space to re-duplicate I would imagine that would cause another problem.
  12. Hi umfriend A hot spare has been asked about before in fact must be a few years now and I believe I may well be wrong but it was deemed not necessary I think it would be good too. I would also like to know how things stand with all the suggestions that have been made in the past relating to products updates from what I understand from Alex's last post drivepool won't be changing much if at all. Even if they ended up been addon products I wouldn't mind there's just not much mention of anything at the moment.
  13. Hi you have some valid points most which have already been raised there is an extensive list of feature upgrades which a lot of people have recommended and been waiting for upto 2 years and more. Like yourself I love the software but it has become dated Alex is doing a great job but I do think he has missed a few great opportunities to make his software a hot topic but that's the problem with being the only developer I myself have also looked at other alternatives and have been using storage spaces alongside drivepool for a longtime now I am now at the point of once I upgrade to server 2016 I will probably use storage spaces. Scanner like you say is very slow to the point it leaves you waiting for the program is not responding message to pop up and it gives from time to time false drive error messages to this day I have 2 drives I can't let scanner scan as it shows them as bad but they are in fact fine. These forums used to be buzzing with comments and banter but I think the lack of development has produced a lack of interest in the products which is very sad.
  14. lee1978

    REFS in pool

    Hi have 2 pools one drivepool and one storage spaces both identical and I have to say at the moment storage spaces seems to be doing better read and write is faster and it has the ability to self heal if it works don't know how to prove it drivepool really needs some updates other than that I don't really see any difference
  15. Indeed I also couldn't fit a full rackmount case so I made own also some MDF and a set of brackets and fits perfectly under my staircase
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