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  1. photoguy

    Remote Access

    What do I need to set up the OpenVPN on my Asus router? Software? Or is it built in the Asus router?
  2. photoguy

    Remote Access

    If I build a Windows 10 Professional Server and it is connected to my Wifi network, what software or hardware do I need to add in order to access the files stored on the server from outside my home? And what do I need in order to upload or download to/from the server. I am a photographer and want to be able to access photos and to upload photos from a variety of locations if I can get on the internet.
  3. Here is a possible Windows Pro 10 Server setup. Please let me know what you think and any changes you would suggest. I am open to any suggestions for improvements or changes. I want to start out with two WD Red 8TB drives and add more as needed. I would run Drive Pool and have two pools. I selected the motherboard to have six Sata 6Gb’s ports, one for each potential drive. The Fractal Design Define R4 case is selected for quiet, cool and to have enough room for the ATX motherboard and six hard drives. I will shop prices and may find better deals. I would appreciate thoughts and co
  4. If I want to have the potential for 8 3.5" drives, what motherboard would I use? Most have 4 or 6 sata ports and I believe I need 8. Any suggestions, or is there a way to expand an MB with 4 or 6 Sata ports? I may not start out with 8 drives but don't want to get caught short in a year or two. I would think a MB with 8 Sata ports would be expensive.
  5. Thank you Umfriend for the advice. Very interesting thoughts. I like what you have done. I have no idea what to buy. When someone says buy a larger power supply than you think you need, I don't have a clue what I think I need. I will need to find a prepared list of components to purchase. How many disks and what size are you using since you seem to have a ton of storage? I need to nail down how much storage I think I need. Want to use DP and Scanner for sure. I am assuming you are not using a Raid system, but just duplicating, which sounds like the best idea to me. I will look at idea
  6. Thanks for the advice. It sounds like building the pc is the way to go. Does anyone have a link to guidance on doing this? I would rather not try to reinvent the wheel and have never done any pc building. Not afraid to try but would like to follow a proven path. I will search the web for advice but since this forum is so full of people who have done it I thought some of you might be able to save me some time. Thanks in advance and for the advice so far.
  7. I don't have a clue how to build my own NAS so that it is Windows based to use DP. Is there somewhere that I can find directions and guidance?
  8. Thanks for the response. If I decide to go with a home NAS, I have a couple of questions. First, I am thinking 4 bays and would I use Raid and if so at what level? Any recommendations for a 4 bay unit that won't break the bank and is reliable? And what hard drive brand is recommended? Thanks.
  9. I am looking to purchase Drive Pool, etc. I work on a Surface Pro 3 and an iMac. Don't have a NAS and not sure I really want to get that complicated. Thinking of buying a couple Seagate 8TB Expansion Drives and connecting them to a USB hub for my Surface Pro. Then organizing all my older smaller HD's on the two new Seagate's, running a duplicate backup, one copy on each Seagate. And doing a cloud backup as well. I realize everyone here seems to have a NAS but wondered if this system is workable as a simple, more basic solution. Thanks for the time. I appreciate your opinions.
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