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  1. cuco

    Install Problem

    any further idea that could help? what About the logs?
  2. cuco

    Install Problem

    i made several reboots and get the same error with the beta.
  3. cuco

    Install Problem

    Hi, i try to update My Installation of Scanner to the latest release but i Always get an error that i have not the privileges. I have attached a Picture of it. The User is admin an has full privileges. Any idea what causes the Problem? i have attached the logfile. Thanks a lot and have a nice Weekend, cuco StableBit_Scanner_20180721204254.log
  4. This is My donwloads drive, so i will probably try to just use the ssd in the future. A few other question. I have a pool with duplication that has two SSDs. So realtime duplicaation is on. When i move files to the pool both SSDs write the data. But after one run of balancing flles are kept on one ssd and not totally moved from both. How does this come? How Can i fix this? Is there a way to force the Pool to move the files when the balancing button is not shown next to the balancing Status?
  5. Hey, i am wondering if there is a Setting to say the balancers to Keep at least a diffined % of Space of an SSD used with newest files copied to the pool. Right now when i Balance My pool the whole ssd gets whiped and the files get coppied to the Archive drives. My ssd has 1.6tb so i want to have at least 500gb or better a percentage to be always used. Thanks for the help, cuco PS: when will the new release come?
  6. Great News. Like to see that Feature too!
  7. so i been a bit bussy this Weekend with this Expander!!! but lately i found the document that confirms My Statement. http://download.adaptec.com/pdfs/user_guides/adaptec_sas_expander_iug_10_2014.pdf see page 18. the wide ports dont Support direct attaching of drives. you Need an other Expander to connect to. I thank you very much for your Help!!!
  8. thank you very much! you helped me alot. i am not so into linux. perhaps you could provide me a source where i can download a legal iso image? My Windows Drivers arge all up to Date. i will contact tue Support. i already worte at hardwareluxx. no answers so far.
  9. i can see the firmware version of the controller in the lsi config tool, when i enter it with str+c. it is on b024. thats the latest version. i used a molex and tried it in a pcie port. Power seems to be ok. i am using the cables provided with the expander to connect to the hba. and from the expander to the enclosure i use this cables: https://direkt.jacob-computer.de/Kabel-und-Adapter/SAS-Kabel/Lenovo-4X90G88512-artnr-2240174.html perhaps the external wide ports dont Support enclosures and only work on Backplanes?
  10. Thank you for your help. I am just about to return the Expander! and sorry for My bad english and the misstakes. i am from Germany. the lsi or avago Settings Tool, started with str+c on bootup, already Report that the Firmware is up to Date. my first connection was with port g. and more cables connected to the external wide ports. do the external ports Support this enclosures? i made a Image. http://www.pic-upload.de/view-28220944/SERVER.jpg.html i hope this helps.
  11. hello, last week my new sas expander intel RES3FV288 (same as Adaptec 82885T) arrived. i want to use it with my lsi 9300-4i4e. so i connected the internal sas8643 port of the lsi hba to the Expander. and used the external 8644 hba Connection to donnert toone of My enclosures. i intend to use the other two 8644 Ports for an other enclosure with one drive connected at the Moment. so 9 drives were connected to the hba. so i connected everything and booted up the Server. all 9 drives showed up in the lsi boot Infos. in Windows only five drives were found. the 4 who are directly connected to the external 8644 port on the hba and the one drive from the other external enclosure. the megaraid Manager finds all 9 drives. so i disconnected the external enclosure with the one drive connected to the Expander. booted up again. lsi boot info showed 8 drives. Windows found 5. megaraid Manager found 8. i tried several ports on the hba. connected the enclosures all to the expander. the most available drives Windows found were 5. i dont know what to do. Firmware, drives and bios of the Controllers are up to date.i tried to figure out which ports i should use on the Expander to connect the hba. Intel ans Adaptec doesnt give any advice wich Port. the lsi 9300-8i is listen as compatible. perhaps you Can give me any advice? Tanks a lot. have a Nice Weekend!
  12. cuco

    Performance Questions

    which SSDs do you recommend? Which size? Samsung 850 pro? One question to the balancer. i use default settings with immediatly balancing. what does this mean for the pool? Does balancing start immediatly during the copy process or straight after the copy process? Thank you for your help!
  13. cuco

    Performance Questions

    Hey, i am using StableBit DrivePool since one Month now. I used it in the Server 2011 Years untill Storage Spaces appeared in Server 2012. But the last Year and especially the last threemonths i made some dissapointing experiances with them. So i decided to switch back to a solution i made better experiances with. I am using several Pools with different Hard Drives on 2 Controllers. See my signature. I am testing on the 2* 6TB pool. I transfered 300gb movies to it. the write performance is exactly 110-100MB/s. When i run a cristal disk mark test the write speed is up to 170-160MB/s. Ans idea why in real world scenarios the pool is so much slower? The two hard drives are on different controller. Lsi 2308 and 3008. Are there any settings to tweek performance? Perhaps write caches of the hdd are deactivated? Thanks for your help. cuco
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