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  1. i've just installed a new SSD and cloned my existing drive that had drivepool on. started the new drive and its asking to transfer the licence. I've managed to do the scanner ok but drive pool just keeps telling me to transfer the licence. I've click the button to transfer and it says "Licence Transferred" but it never activates it. tried rebooting after the transfer and still the same. Any suggestions ?
  2. thanks everyone. I've setup a script using the tree command to run weekly which seems to do the trick
  3. Just thought I'd throw this one out there. I've got a number of disks on the pool for movies. These aren't duplicated. If one of the drives suddenly died without warning is there any way I can check to see what files were actually on that drive. Just worried that one day a drives going to die and I'm going to have a big job trying to find what files i've actually lost.
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