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  1. 1) I am new to clouddrive. So I created a 1TB clouddrive on my Google Drive. I copied a 2GB folder of pictures to the newly created drive locally. The upload was fine. Now when I want to access the folder in my local machine the entire folder is downloaded again. There are many subfolders in the main pictures folder. Is it possible to just access a single file and not download the entire folder in the cache? I am used to Dropbox and Google Drive where I can access a particular file directly and download that file locally. Hope it makes sense. I am limited by 1TB comcast data/month unfortunately. 2) Is it possible to use Clouddrive as 'upload and forget' permanent backup solution? I would need to access the data only in case of disaster recovery and not for normal usage.
  2. Rescan did not find any errors. Looks like the drive corrected it.
  3. Scanner reported 1.5KB of unreadable sectors on my WD 4TB Red. But I ran WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows Extended test which lasted about 10 hours and it did not find any errors. What should I do... send for RMA or wait?
  4. I have a 12TB (2x4TB WD Red 1x4TB Green) pool with 2.5TB of music files FLAC and Mp3. That folder is duplicated 2x. While playing locally using Foobar or any other media player the music just stops playing in between for 3-4 seconds because the Pool is not able to keep with the reads. I have enabled all the Performance options and set the background priority to 4 in the config file. Very annoying
  5. Should users wait and not upgrade to Windows 10? I have the RTM build downloaded and can upgrade to Windows 10 today. Edit :- I decided to risk the upgrade. Drivepool and scanner work okay afaik.
  6. Sorry as I was not clear and I did not attach the correct screenshots. Both drives are 4TB WD Reds connected via SATA internally. They are part of the 8TB pool. Windows disk manager says both drives are GPT. Drive Scanner saying one is GPT other is MBR. (Attached screenshot)
  7. Which is correct? In the image the Disk with SCSI is marked as MBR. Also why does it say SCSI for one and not for the other?
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