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  1. Yes it should. Want I am not sure about is how it will behave if both Pools had the same drive letter.
  2. When you say DP supports NAS drives, you mean HDDs that are marketed as NAS HDDs (like IronWolf PRO NAS HDDs) but attached through SATA/SAS/SCSI or USB?
  3. I am probably most likely completely wrong but my understanding is the minimum requirements are around 10Mb/s for 1080p as a minimum. But 10MB/s seems a bit much.
  4. That it says your drive is full is strange and some screenshots might work. Have you set x2 duplication? In that case, two duplicates are stored on the 4 HDDs and no duplicate is stored on the same HDD. So you should be fine with the failure of one HDD. There is no reason, from that perspective, to use a 2x2 config (in fact, it becomes riskier in the sense that if you have 5TB of (unduplicated) data, DP can recover from 1x4 HDD to 1x3 HDD, using 10TB out of the 12TB remaining. In a 2x2 config and one drive failure, there is no recovery until you replace the faulty disk, which you would do
  5. That's fine. What I just don;t understand is that even 4K should have a bitrate of less than 40Mbit/s so I don't see how this helps. I wonder whether a single HDD wouldn't be able to provide that (unless in transcoding there are writes to the HDD as well but there Raid-5 would be penalizing methinks.
  6. That is correct. And you can have files outside the Pool on a Pooled drive as well, like the lightroom folder. No clue why anyone would want that but...you can.
  7. I believe I have the IBM M1015 but called Dell H310. I think it is the same card and I use it in IT/JBOD mode. No issues whatsoever, it drives 6HDDs and I got two more ports available. The only thing I can not get it to do is allow for the drives to spin down.
  8. Are you able to add additional drives to the machine first before beginning file operations? It is going to be a somewhat lengthy process anyway unless you have a full backup, then it is still going to take time but it'll be a bit faster and easier. Do you use Server Backup, I am asking because of the 2TB Server Backup volume limit that you can get around a bit cumbersome but it does work. Yes, I would upgrade to the latest version but that is unrelated (except for dealing with the 2TB limit) to the issue at hand IMHO.
  9. I agree Raid (or DP) is not a backup. What read speeds does your media library need? I've never heard of spinners not being able to feed a stream. Yeah, I'd say Raid-10 (or 5) offers better read speeds but at the cost of inflexible disk configurations and less flexible recovery mechanics.
  10. It's been asked and I got the impression they won't. Apparently, keeping parity has quite a performance impact? The nice thing about DP is that you can mix and match I guess, no requirements on any size differences between disks and recovery is fast a disk failes (at x2 duplication).
  11. AFAIK, DP can use Raid-arrays as disks in a Pool. DP does not, however, provide RAID-functionality itself (other than duplication which is sort of a file-based Raid-1).
  12. That does not seem unreasonable to me. Having said that and having done some programming myself I can also easily see how that would not be implemented.
  13. Well, not incredibly.... But it would have been more efficient if, for instance, you set Drive limit options in the Drive Usage Limiter. Removing drives is a serial / single "thread" I think. I don't know how one could have known this easily.
  14. I am not sure about this but I would.
  15. BTW, I am not even sure DP supports a NAS as part of a Pool. USB enclosures will work (but I still think USB enclosures are not advised by Stablebit).
  16. Pools behave as if they are regular NTFS formatted volumes. However, any software that uses VSS (which many backup solutions do) is not supported. I don't know Crashplan so couldn't say. Having said that, you could backup the underlying drives. If you use duplication, then Hierachical Pools can ensure that you only backup one instance of the duplicates.
  17. OK, sounds seriously borked to me. I would try to run Windows Update, then reboot, then try installing DP again. But also I would submit a ticket here: https://stablebit.com/Contact You do get support through the forums but it can take a while sometimes. This should be faster I think. Good luck.
  18. Have you tried rebooting and then installing DP?
  19. OK, the Select Items indeed looks fine. I have no experience whatsoever with backing up to a shared network folder. What does that point to specifically? Would you consider trying to backup to a dedicated HDD (first and recommended option)? As an aside, I would never backup to a destination that can only hold one backup....
  20. I was hoping for the screen you get when you press Next twice. Now I am also interested in the Specify Destination Type screen. Not sure if I can help but those are the ones I would look at.
  21. Do you configure Server Backups through wbadmin.exe? (I run WSE2016 so I am a bit unsure how it works with WS2019). Could you post a screenshot of the 'Select Items for Backup" screen?
  22. I think you mean errors in the Event Viewer? Anyway, I can confirm that running WSE2016, Server Backup runs just fine with me. I also include some of the underlying Pool drives (not the Pool itself, that won;t work and should give errors such as above). I don't know, Christopher might know. What I would look at, again, is the Server Backup setup and really ensure it is not trying to backup the Pool. Can you find out what Disk 8 and HarddiskVolume22 is?
  23. No worries. You do want to edit the list (don't do a new post, edit the existing one). Prior to step 2, one should stop the DrivePool service. After step 2, restart the service (or reboot). This is not trivial because while you are moving files into a Pool, DP may start to rebalance.
  24. So AFAIK, everything DP reports wrt space is in terms of actual disk space. Assume a Pool of 2 x 10TB drives, x2 duplication except for one folder named UDF (UnDuplicated Files). - Pool is empty and shows 20TB free - Save a 1TB file to the Pool. The Pool will show 2TB Duplicated and 18TB free. - Save 2 100GB files to UDF (two files because one would complicate a bit and cause Unusable for duplication, now one is on one drive, the other on the other). Pool will show 2TB duplication, 0.2TB unduplicated and 17.8TB free. A duplicated file is indeed seen as a single file _assuming_ you a
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