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  1. Yes, I understood that 'other' data should be outside the Poolpart.* folders. That's why I didn't understand why my 'Other' part was that large even after waiting very long (I mean: there was no 'calculating/measuring indicating anymore at the bar and the only folder was Poolpartxyz123...: I even deleted System Volume Information and Recycler from that drive). However, I now 'just' moved the data from X:\Poolpartx\* to Y:\Poolparty\* (so from within the poolpart folder to a poolpart folder of another drive). It may be not that efficient, and I don't know why, but after I moved the files, there
  2. Thank you for your reply. What do you mean with the other is files it is having an issue with so puts them in the other box? How can I know which 'other files' are having an issue? I already did that, and if I do that the bar indicates 'measuring'. I assume it is finished if there is no text 'measuring' anymore? Or should a wait a few hours longer? I did reset the permissions using the steps mentioned here (14 january 2018): Arjan
  3. I have a working Drivepool (I can save/open some files on Drivepool), but I have a question: How can I add 'other files' to the pool and enable duplication (more/better)? My - possible related - problems are: 1) When I click Manage Pool -> File Protection -> Pool File Duplication I get the message "Task failed: invalid/incorrect folder/directory name" (in Dutch). 2) "Invalid folder" is also mentioned when I click on the ◷-sign on the left. However, I have no idea what could be the wrong folder. 3) There are a lot of 'Other' Files (from 1TBe, 8TB, 2TB in the screenshot), but a
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