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  1. I just installed a CT250MX500SSD1 (Same SSD, but the 250 GB version) and am having the same issue.
  2. I just upgraded Drivepool to the latest beta ( I am now getting the following error when starting the GUI. There was a problem running this application Error report file saved to: C:\ProgramData\StableBit DrivePool\UI\ErrorReports\ErrorReport_2017_09_17-03_12_57.8.saencryptedreport The GUI continues to run after I close the error dialog. I have attached the ErrorReport. Three separate errors were generated back to back. ErrorReports.zip
  3. Normally, Windows sorts files alphabetically when enumerating a directory from the command prompt. I have several tools and batch files I have created over the years to do various batch operations to all the files in a folder. Many of these tools rely on the fact that the operating system enumerates the folders alphabetically. With DrivePool, this is not the case. When enumerating a folder on a DrivePool volume, if the files in that folder span multiple drives, each individual drives files will be sorted alphabetically, but it will start over as it goes from drive to drive. Is this a bug or a limitation of DrivePool?
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