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  1. I actually _did_ figure this out just the other day. Device manager was actually showing the wrong names! I had to go in there, uninstall the drives (right click-> uninstall) and reboot multiple times before it finally corrected all the names. No idea why device manager did this. So weird.
  2. And I have reset Scanner twice now, following those directions. Still shows wrong name. I'm stumped.
  3. Crystal Disk Info shows all the correct names/etc - just Scanner is borked.
  4. No custom names. And I'm not sure what other disk tools to check - if I look under Disk Management in Windows, they seem to be named correctly. Is there other instructions to totally cleanly reinstall Scanner, other than http://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_Scanner_Q4200749 ?
  5. I recently shuffled around some drives in my computer - taking out like 6 SSDs and putting them into another computer - and now Scanner shows a wrong name under the main "dashboard" screen. It's showing the old SSD model names instead of my non-SSD drives. I've tried following the instructions to completely reset Scanner (delete from appdata, etc) - and set it all back up, but it still shows wrong name. The drives are mapped to folders on my C:\ - so like C:\Drives\HD1\ - but I don't know if that makes any difference. I'm using the latest beta available from the download folder. The
  6. Thanks Christopher. I turned on logging and it happened again - should I upload the logs somewhere?
  7. Hey folks, I've stumbled around on this for the past few days, and I'm ready to give up. I think I just don't understand something fundamentally. I have two pools. One with spinning disks, another with all of my SSDs. The SSD pool has no files on it - totally empty. All of my games/media/etc is on the spinning disk pool. I would like to be able to add the SSD pool to the spinning disk pool (sub-pool). But I only want specific folders/files to be put on that SSD pool. Nothing else. How can I accomplish this correctly? I tried using the "Drive Placement Rules" plugin - setting the
  8. StableBit Scanner One or more disks are suspect: CT500MX500SSD1 - 1 warnings These is currently 1 unstable sector on the hard disk. An unstable sector is a sector that can't be read. The drive will automatically swap the bad sector for a good one whenever new data is written to it, however, the original data may be lost. This happens randomly - and then when I check the SMART status, it shows Good/fine in Scanner. I'm not sure what to do here. I submitted the drive to Bitflock, because it seems to be using a generic profile while doesn't match a lot of SMART attributes.
  9. Also, if I can't use DrivePool (and use WIndows Storage Pool), can I use Scanner with it? Or will it interfere?
  10. I'd like to set up Hyper-V VM's directly on a drive pool, set to mirrored mode, but don't know if it's advisable. Can DrivePool copy the "in use" files in realtime? It doesn't look like it does. It shows "Other" disk space growing, until I shut down the VM, then it moves that space measurement over to duplicated. I guess I could just use Windows built-in RAID1, but was hoping to get the benefits of DrivePool/Scanner.
  11. Thanks, but every folder shows "2x", like I was expecting. Just not sure what to do. Scared to turn off duplication and turn it back on, just to try and fix the numbers. Would be nice to know if there's a problem, and how to best fix it.
  12. I have a DrivePool that's setup to be 100% mirrored, but I'm seeing weird "Other" and "Unduplicated" amounts: Unduplicated: 64.6 GB Duplicated: 1.82 TB Other: 26.5 GB I just don't understand what "Other" and "Unduplicated" could be. Looking at the drives themselves I don't see any folders other than the drivepool hidden ones.
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