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  1. This attachment also shows the error I am receiving when trying to scan the files. The unreadable sectors shown was before I quick reformatted the disk. I was trying to rescan it to see if the errors still persist, thats when I received the attached error...
  2. I did try reformatting the Drive but the Quick Format, not the Full option. I have attached the status the HD shows in Scanner where you can see SMART passed. I will try removing the drive from the pool again and doing a full format this time and see if that helps and respond back. Thank for taking the time to try and assist me.
  3. Hello, So I recently had a HD come up as damaged while scanning it. So I removed it from the pool (through DrivePool) and removed all files off of it. It's a Seagate HD so I downloaded SeaTools and scanned the drive and everything seems to be ok with it. When I go to add it back to the pool the Scanner is still showing it as "Damaged". When I try to do a file scan on the drive I get the following Error message: "Error running file scan: Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown." I have tried restarting my computer, "End Task" the scanner, changing the Driv
  4. Yes, the new HD is now being used after the Balancing, YAY! lol. Everything looks good now and is running pretty smoothly. I am going to go through some of the documentation on this site now like you recommended. Thanks again
  5. After I disabled the Disk Space Equalizer it did exactly as I thought it would, Used the SSDs to add new content and once I balance everything again it removes the content from the SSDs over to the Archive drives. I'm happy with it doing that as that was kind of my main focus going into this project. That and having all my drives show up as one massive drive.
  6. Thank you both for your responses, I really appreciate you trying to assist me. Umfriend, I am going to try what you recommended and see if that helps. Also I am new to this whole world so so I apologize if I use the wrong terminology to explain my set up and issues. Spider99, I mainly wanted to spread the data across the drives because I added a brand new 8TB drive to the mix which had nothing written on it and wanted to make sure to free up space on my other drives that were closer to being full, thats all. Side note - It is my understanding that when you use SSDs as Cache drive
  7. First if all, thank you for your response. So the order I have my balancers in are as followed (from top to bottom): Stablebit Scanner Disk Space Equalizer SSD Optimizer Drive Usage Limiter Prevent Drive Overfill Duplication Space Optimizer Volume Equalizer Under the Limiter I have all boxes check for all of the HD (I'm thinking I need to uncheck SSD boxes to use them as Optimizers?). After I run the balancer I still get the "File Distribution not optimal" message after it finishes and all of my drives are still uneven as far as media on them. Am I missi
  8. Hello, I recently purchased the software (thank you!) for a few reasons but mainly because i had a bunch of movies, TV shows & music that already existed on most of my drives and didnt want to have to try and move them over to fill up a few drives to free up enough space to start a Pool using WIndows software. My set up consist of two SSD drives (256gb each), three 8TB drives (2 external 1 internal), one 5TB (external) and one 4TB (external) drive. I also have two more external 8TB hard drives I want to eventually move over to my pool but for now I have enough work to do with what I h
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