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  1. Hello, I have huge problem, most of my files cannot be read through drivepool drive, but if I map each drive individually they are all fine, has anyone had this problem?
  2. Hello, I'm using drive pool with few internal disks and SSD for cache, but I have NAS as well and I'd like attach it to PC with iSCSI and use it ONLY as drive for duplication, would there be a way for me to achieve this with drivepool?
  3. That is only reason why I'm looking for this as well.
  4. Well, at the moment output is sorted by folder, I thought it shouldn't be too hard to have that changed to hard disk?..
  5. I wonder if there is an option to run "dpcmd check-pool-fileparts P:\ 4 > check-pool-fileparts.log" and have output to be sorted by hard drive?
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