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Scanner not scanning



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On 4/24/2021 at 2:21 PM, fluffybunnyuk said:

Hi i get from the logs :-

Scanner.Service.exe    Warning    0    [Scanner] Error in scanning thread: Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow.

Thus no scanning on any drives.

Any ideas?

Same issue here on multiple machines - must have been a bad update. Reset all settings from within Scanner, and it should start working again. 

Scanner.Service.exe	Information	0	[Ipc] Start scan of disk '\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE2'...	2021-07-29 14:54:16Z	234711190962
Scanner.Service.exe	Information	0	[DisksScanner] Added new disk \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE2 to queue and starting scan.	2021-07-29 14:54:16Z	234712171016
Scanner.Service.exe	Information	0	[Scanner] Starting scan of '\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE2' at 29/07/2021 15:54:16...	2021-07-29 14:54:16Z	234712208936
Scanner.Service.exe	Warning	0	[Scanner] Error in scanning thread: Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow.	2021-07-29 14:54:16Z	234712265777
Scanner.Service.exe	Information	0	[Main] Disk \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE2 scan ended.	2021-07-29 14:54:16Z	234712266861
Scanner.Service.exe	Information	0	[Main] All disk scans ended.	2021-07-29 14:54:16Z	234712528965
Scanner.Service.exe	Information	0	[NotificationsCloud] Clear ScanningSurface	2021-07-29 14:54:18Z	234731905167

Log provided for reference, but I don't think it's anything other than a bad update at some point. Working fine after a reset.

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