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Rebalance not working



Cant for the life of me get the smaller drives to offload data to the big drive.

Stuff is W/X mirrored, and it should be moving to W/V or X/V mirror.

I set the equalisation to 80% drive capacity, and stuff doesnt move... just aggravates me with building a bucket list...

0:35:14.9: Information: 0 : [Rebalance]     Unprotected: 0 B / 12,003,767,819,797 B (0.00%), Delta = 0 B, Limit = 1.0
0:35:14.9: Information: 0 : [Rebalance]     Protected: 9,208,741,611,396 B / 12,003,767,819,797 B (76.72%), Delta = 1,645,611,121,007 B, Limit = 1.0
0:35:14.9: Information: 0 : [Rebalance]   3d54470a-024d-4d97-8944-860a4e80e6f3 (DocDisk2 (X:\)): Fill = 3,069,219,330,888 B / 4,000,785,100,800 B (76.72%)
0:35:14.9: Information: 0 : [Rebalance]     Unprotected: 0 B / 4,000,785,100,800 B (0.00%), Delta = 0 B, Limit = 1.0
0:35:14.9: Information: 0 : [Rebalance]     Protected: 2,935,598,234,456 B / 4,000,785,100,800 B (73.38%), Delta = -831,259,473,080 B, Limit = 1.0
0:35:14.9: Information: 0 : [Rebalance]   53caeb3e-e60e-42a3-86e1-7e87bcdc88d0 (DocDisk1 (W:\)): Fill = 3,069,219,330,886 B / 4,000,785,100,800 B (76.72%)
0:35:14.9: Information: 0 : [Rebalance]     Unprotected: 0 B / 4,000,785,100,800 B (0.00%), Delta = 0 B, Limit = 1.0
0:35:14.9: Information: 0 : [Rebalance]     Protected: 2,981,921,134,923 B / 4,000,785,100,800 B (74.53%), Delta = -814,351,647,930 B, Limit = 1.0

0:36:23.5: Information: 0 : [CalculateBalanceRatio] Calculated ratio: 0.8912

Its driving me crazy plugins DUL, DSE, all-in-one should be moving 800GB off W/X but just doesnt.


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i don't know what the solution to your issue might be, but i do know that the AIO plug-in is outdated.  the code is old and one of the plug-ins (Drive Space Equalizer) it was originally designed to replace has been updated so... using the AIO may cause conflicts .

see here for a bit more info:



if i were in your place i would consider disabling the AIO.  until the original programmer @methejuggler gets around to updating his code or @Alex will actually do something about this issue it seems more of a liability than any kind of enhancement.

tl;dr:  your plugins are banging heads.

all this said, i would wait for an 'official' reply from Shane or Christopher before attempting anything drastic.  just my .02 cents


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ok, so i disable all plugins except disk space equalizer set to 80%.... the diamonds that mark the rebalance size move to the right location....i.e. 80%...

then nothing happens...

3:19:03.2: Information: 0 : [FileMover] Nothing to move from source=DocDisk2 (X:\), we're done.

3:21:05.0: Information: 0 : [Rebalance]   (ToMoveRatio=0.9503)
3:21:05.0: Information: 0 : [CalculateBalanceRatio] Calculated ratio: 1.0000

I dont even think either of those ratios reported are correct.

I've re-started, re-measured, re-balanced i've run with debug mode, and gone through all the logs. And for whatever reason it decides that because theres a W/X mirror going on, then its not going to bother moving data out to V.  As far as its concerned because the mirror is intact, its got no interest in freeing up disk space.

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Something to try #1: Ensure that Balance Immediately is selected, Automatic Balancing - Triggers is set to 100% / 1 GB and enable only the Duplication Space Optimizer balancer (plus Scanner is okay if you've got that). Re-balance; DSO having complete priority should get DP back on track and you can then return to your regular preferences.

Something to try #2: In the GUI, from the Cog icon go to Troubleshooting then Reset all settings... and then set your preferred configuration and try #1 again.

If that doesn't work, it's possible the balancing metadata for the pool might have somehow borked. At this point I'd recommend opening a support ticket with StableBit so that they can investigate/fix the problem.

Alternatively, you could try replacing the pool. The following instructions presume that (1) you have a current backup in case something goes (more) wrong, (2) you don't have or don't want to use spare drives to copy your data from the problem pool to a new pool, and (3) you are not using any symlinks, junctions or third-party system-attribute content to/in the pool (if you are, you will have to resolve those appropriately):

  • If disabled, enable hidden (but not system) folders viewing in Windows.
  • Stop the DrivePool service and close any open programs/files in the pool.
  • Rename the hidden poolpart.uidstring folder on each drive in the pool by prepending "old" or similar (e.g. rename "poolpart.1234" to "oldpoolpart.1234").
  • Start the DrivePool service. In the GUI, the drives should all show up as missing. Remove the "missing" drives until the pool is gone.
  • Create a new replacement pool with those drives. Set up your preferred balancing, placement, duplication, etc.
  • Stop the DrivePool service again.
  • On each drive, move the contents of the xpoolpart folder to the newly created poolpart folder (do not move system folders - if it asks, skip them).
  • Start the DrivePool service again.
  • In the GUI, Manage Pool -> Re-measure and Cog Icon -> Recheck Duplication.
  • Once you're happy that everything's showing up in the "new" pool, delete the "oldpoolpart" folders (do NOT delete the new "poolpart" folders) and optionally re-disable the hidden folders viewing in Windows.

If you do that and it still didn't work, please lodge a support ticket with StableBit as something is messed up.

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I did exactly what Shane Recommended for my situation.  I have 27 Directorys.  # thru Z

Based on file sizes and all, I have kept them balanced pretty well but when I read this post, I found the same problem on mine.

It seems DP won't trigger until some parameters are met that I can't see.

All of my big drives are listed as Archival and Duplication.  I have a 1 Tb SSD drive partitioned 3/4 as Boot 1/4 as Z: 

All of files go to the Z: and get moved to T: as Archival and Retrieval for Plex.

After a Main reset and reentering all of the File Placement Rules, My system fixed all of the problems.

Now I can disconnect my Probox, add my Linkstar from seeed studio and I can watch all of my shows without losing an episode.

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