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  1. I've had Stablebit for years and never had so much as a problem until now. I organized a Drivepool as T: and all subdirectories as A,B,C,etc. They contain all of my TV Series and have been fine for a long time. Until the system somehow reset all of the settings and then balanced the entire pool across 10 8TB drives. I had all of the A on one drive and B on the next and so forth according to the whole size of the series. It was simple math to combine Z Y X V on one drive and use a small rule for each of the others to keep the drives and the files organized. The duplication was on separate drives also. Until one day when an external 4TB USB Brick started going offline and then back online. My system basically crashed and burned. All of the pool drives reset and began moving files nilly willy. When I tried to reset all of the rules on the different directories the system tried but eventually the system ground to a halt. The files were in worse shape and I had to spend hours and I mean hours moving files. I just want to let everyone know that this can happen. And yes, it happened when I did not upgrade from the 12 version. I upgraded and I will let you know the results. I even tried making rules 3 levels deep. No joy.
  2. Sorry Never got back. I had the problem with the drives going missing because of the removal of the drive letter. I used the workaround Chris mentioned with the Diskpart and I was sure that would fix the problem. Unfortunately, I had the same problem. One thing I did find worked great was the use of RED 2.2. Stablebit Drivepool is still the best program for JOBD service.
  3. Hope Chris is doing okay as I haven't been on in quite a while. Question to look into. Been a user of StableBit for a long long time. Even prefer it over Windows 10 Storage spaces. Recently a drive started giving problems. Wasn't sure what to do. it resided in a Probox 8 and preformed great for many years on win 7 pro. When I changed over to Win 10 Pro, I noticed the count of directory entries on each of the Pool Partitions. The Drive that was giving me problems had all of them too. Most were empty due to the rolling scheme I had set up to ensure all drives would be good. I use the all in one to rotate the drives always cleaning a drive so I can reformat it. Check its condition and do some housekeeping on my system. That's when I discovered the system was choking on the empty directories and had just stopped. Used RED 2.2 on the Pools and the problem cleared up. Just a heads up. Running Would like to try the Beta but I don't want to because of the shaky drive. Thanks
  4. For A LONG Time. Stablebit allowed you to add/remove/use a drive with no letter designation. Worked great with windows 7. Only when I moved to Windows 10 Pro did the problems start to compound. I have now established that Stablebit is UNstable unless it had a Drive designation on all drives in the pool. This has limited me to the limitations once again. With 8 TB and 4 TB drives. When one goes offline for a unknown reason, I feel as this is not a nice thing. I have assigned ALL drives and partitions and I am out of letters. I can only hope someone in the forum can fix this because Storage spaces sucks and I am out of options. I have to remove all duplicating partitions on the drives Lucky this only affected 1 drive but it still sucks. I don't feel angry towards Chris because he has worked on this for a long time and got it right. Since I have bought the license, I have seen Cloud services get promoted so much that now I had to give up all those months of uploading to servers to only be told I had to pay a small fortune to keep it. I do praise his inception of Cloud storage because I can say without a doubt that NO ONE can decrypt my files. They can have the files. They can KMA. For anyone interested. The problem started when a small power drop caused the system to go offline all at once. My battery backup kept the system from crashing and I did a controlled shutdown. My only guess is that when the internet went down. The system was unpacking a file or was connected to a cloud service. The only drive that went offline with no partitions was the one I was saving the files to at the time. Nope no log file to pass on so I'm sorry.
  5. I have uninstalled StableBit Drivepool once for that very reason. One of the antivirus programs had locked it out. As you have found out your data is still there on the drives but cannot be accessed by Drivepool unless you go under the GUI. My advice is the one I offer. 1. Goto all of the drives and move your files from the PoolPart to the Base tree of the drive. For example... PoolPart.37ad71b3-16ca-45c4-8c66-34380f727842 Drill Down and you find TV Series on mine on one of my drives. I move the TV Series with a simple Right Click to the same directory as the above PoolPart. I did this with all drives. 2. Deactive your License if you can. Very important...... If you cant then you have to get your license cleared by Sysop 3.Uninstall Drivepool and run a registry cleaning program. 4. Reinstall Drivepool and add it to your antivirus program as an exclusion. 5. Create New Drivepools and add the drives you have previously had. 6. Look at each of the new drives and move the files back under the New PoolPart created by your new installation. 7. Have drive pool remeasure your drives and do its thing for checking your file structure and etc. I did it this way and got all of my data reset and working with a lot less strain on my heart. I praise Chris for a great program that I have used for many a years and have 2 machines humming with USB Drives and hardly any problems. The only time problems happen is when other programs try to screw with Drivepool. Hope this helps.
  6. Its a little late in the game but here goes. The biggest task will be allowing your drives to Balance with the Proper File Settings. For Example Mine. My system is set up according to the Alphabet Sweet and Simple. Drive Pool 1 is set to T: and Labeled as TV Series - subfolders # thru Z This allow Sonarr to run and update TV Series. All active Shows are set to use Season Folders with Format for Shows as Covert Affairs - 01X01-02 - Pilot. When the Series has ended and all episodes are viewed. The Show is marked as UNMonitored. Then it is optimized for TV using the settings in PLEX. If the file is not on the active viewing, it is Zipped in a fashion that Windows 7 can access it . It is read only locked The file will look like Covert Affairs (Complete). DrivePool can be instructed to Store That Completed file on a particular disk using the plugin When you are ready, You can shut the computer down remove the drive, and start it back up When DrivePool shows its missing. Remove it. If the Drivepool has completely Arranged the drive right, you will be able to move the files from under the PoolPart. The Files will be available most ways possible. Place a ! in front of the PooPart Entry and it will not join a Pool Partition until your remove the ! from the file. Keep your 10 TB for updates, move them when they are finished. A Great Bat files checks mine to ensure it is ready and the file is moved to the drive that will keep the copy.
  7. Answers to my questions. Thanks. The only addition to the question is #2. If the drive is detached from mine and then I go to another computer. I have a valid CloudDrive on it Can I log into the Drive on the other computer. Explanation: I am cleaning and maintaining an inventory of custom pens for a website. If I want to work on the database, I have to download the files. Takes a while, and upload it back. Drive has High Res photos of Pens that don't need to be moved up and down.
  8. Chris, I think the problem is a little hard to explain but here is the problem. Windows AKA (microsoft) loves to reboot your system for any reason. When the system shuts down, it loses the links to the Cloud Drive. Upon reboot, my system can take up to 10 minutes to find and reread the drive. When you have a lot of accounts on Cloud Drive, you can wait for 30 minutes for all to come online. And it seems like every few days, there is some reason to reboot. I have tried detaching the drives from the system but the same happens and sometimes I have to manually reconnect them. Not trying to be a pain but My internet is sometimes flakey and my modem resets. That makes the router lose its setting for the modem and I have to go into the router and force it back on. Not your problem I know but it seems to be the cross we are being forced to bear by new equipment and crap from the ISP. If the system loses the link to the Cloud Drive, it takes a while to get it back. One Drive,Dropbox, and Google Drive pop right back on. They have been know to get corrupted so I only use them for things I don't care if the file gets lost.
  9. You might want to uncheck #5 in Drive Pool also. The plugins work believe me. But they can work too good. #5 Will keep checking your Google Drive and will give you an error. Can't say why so much as I think it has to do with the Throttle or Limits of the Google Space. Mine quieted down when I unchecked it. Having a fast connection works great too I can pump about a TB a day to different acounts. Best advise is to Set a key to your drive to keep Google from peeking at your stuff. They do watch their servers and will ban you. I know, got the email and have been banned from the regular Google Drive. I had to get an account from another source. Also notice your error about the throttling. Google does like Amazon and has a 750GB per account Throttle or so it seems. I stopped beating my head against that wall.
  10. The only other answer I know how to do is Setting the File accounts to ensure so files get moved or deleted under owner and only access the drive with an account that is read only. Trust me, it's a pain in the butt but it works to ensure nothing gets moved or deleted unless it is by the owner. I had a user on my system trying to delete things just because they were mad at me. Learned my lesson and kicked them out of my house and off my system.
  11. Well the time has finally gotten here. 1. Is the StableBit Cloud Drive able to be read from the browser side by logging into the provider. Such as using One Drive or Google Drive? Simple question, not to stir the pot. I have a lot on the Browser side and do not wish to upload it again. and Vice versa. 2. According to the info I have, If you create a small cache with the Cloud drives and bind them with DrivePool. Plex does not know the difference. Is there a restriction to having multiple computers attached to the same cloud drive if each has the CloudDrive and DrivePool License? 3. I understand how the system works on a lot of levels and I am always telling folks the best way is the KISS way. My only concern is now that cloud drives have been shown to be stable (Pun Intended), Can they act like a kind of watering hole and have access to them even if you are not sitting at the originators system? Thanks again for a great piece of software.
  12. The Best method I have found is a leaf blower attached to a flexable hose. With the Computer off, I attach a vacumn cleaner sucking the dust to the front of the case. I start from the back and move forward. As is said. Dust goes in places you don't want. DVD Drive Blu Ray etc. Try to keep the spray to a minimum and take your time. Be extra careful when blowing out the power supply. No moisture and make sure it is clear of all dust before restarting. Burned up a good power supply being in a hurry.
  13. marquis6461

    Lost my pool

    Chris can correct me if I'm wrong but COVEFS is or was a type of pointer in the Stable version of drive pool. I never fully understood the reason it was used but all I know is if was left there when you moved all of the files from under the PoolPart, things happened and not the way you wanted. Just to ease your mind. Moving a file from a subdirectory does not cause the file to move. Just the entry. Moving a file to another drive letter DOES cause the file to move. I have found that if I have made a mistake on settings and I have duplicates, I can move the files from under the POOLPART, re-scan the Pool. Then I can Move the files to the Drive Letter of the Pool. the OC will catch the dups and you can make a decision on them. Takes longer but it works. I use CCleaner with the Duplicate Finder to weed out any duplicates that were created due to a messed up setting. The problem is you have to do it while the files are not under the POOLPART. and the drive must have been assigned a letter. 3 drives are not too much but 20 gets to get hard.
  14. I have them at both the latest Beta Now. As was said before, Was Kind of scared to use Beta Versions because of the warnings about Beta Versions. Updates, Fine Betas No. After I updated both, I did notice a drive refusing to show on DrivePool as an unpooled partition. Can't add a drive if DrivePool can't see it. Since it is a USB drive, I am draining it and will reformat it. clean out the device driver and see it DP can see it. The one thing I can say, is I wish the OS wasn't so confusing. A drive should not need it's own personal version of a driver to work. There have been times, I have had to remove hundreds of copies of Drivers (Unused) from computers to make the damn things work better.
  15. marquis6461

    Lost my pool

    britgeezer, Done that a dozen times. Can tell you that Thanks to Chris and Alex, the solution is a little complex but doable. Possible Problem... Is DrivePool using drives not installed in a system. Such as USB Drives, Cloud Providers, Network Links if so, Disconnect them all. Disconnect all drives that have DrivePool used and build you a fresh install. Do not install DrivePool until you have looked at each drive and verified the filesystem on each partition on the drives. You can at that time move all files from the Hidden PoolPart to a Temp Filename. Then delete the covefs ( I found that was important) After all drives have been checked, your System is on with all drives that were part of your Drive Pool. Install the Drive Pool program. It will find all of the Drivepool drives and restart your system. Now you can do the safe and sure way by resetting all of the setting in Drivepool and moving all the temp files to the Drivepool Drive Number But I have done this procedure with fairly great success. 1. After Drivepool has been properly set, I reboot my system into safe mode. 2. I then take each drive that was in the Drivepool. Move all of the data in the temp file to the PoolPart on that drive. 3. Reboot. 4. Let DrivePool crunch the drive and scan the partition. It rebuilds the covefs and that drive with data is online. Repeat. I have gotten my system back up in a few hours that way and I have always been happy. Hope this helps. BTW. This is why Stablebit is better than the garbage Microsoft was peddling in their Ultimate Version.
  16. Came across a problem last week and wanted to ask. DrivePool (Latest Beta Version BTW) - When system restarts, Re-check, of for some reason. Default seems to be the order in which the system has identified the drive. IE D: 3434395 (Disk 1) thru X: 3435787654 (Disk 15) Drive Cloud (Latest Version) Settings in drive pool: duplicate only. 2 Virtual Drives set at 10TB List as Disk 16 & 17) I have watched it go thru a recheck many times and it always starts and ends that way. I was tempted to try to link the Drive Cloud and Drive Pool together with the Drive Cloud handling all duplicate files and the local drives handling all the unduplicated. Reason: I could lose info in the cloud drive but if I had a local and offsite copy, I'm happy. I have tinkered around with the balancing plugins and now have made a mess. Thankfully a lot has not been uploaded and I was able to clean up the mess before it got too bad. Is there a current setting you can explain that will ensure the required outcome. I can tell you that if you reset to default values after letting the system crunch on something for days, it makes a mess. My drives got filled trying to duplicate and caused my system to crash. Due to new Bandwidth caps being placed and a lot of wasteful trial and error, I was hoping someone could give me a little help. Note: I do have offline backup of the 20TB+ TV Series but that would take days to restore.
  17. Remember reading a post from alex that Clouddrive will pause if the CPU or the Background processes are too many or in high use. I had to turn off Sonarr scanning and limit PLEX to a specific time so drivepool and cloud drive will work. That even seems to include Stablebit Scanner. It seems Clouddrive is respectful of other I/O.
  18. darkly Are you using Sonarr with PLEX? If you are, Go into Sonarr and assign a Recycling Bin in Settings (Advanced Settings Shown) At the bottom. I had that problem also. Was confused and thought the same thing. Sometimes Sonarr was bad for that by replacing a good file with a bad one. If not, I have used Cloud with DrivePool and missed a setting and had my files uploaded to the Cloud. When I disconnected, I was panicking when Sonarr and Plex found holes showing the file unavailable. It was because Drivepool was set wrong. You have to ensure in the Balancing area that the Clouddrive will only store Duplicated files. You must (MUST) uncheck the Unduplicated block for the cloud drive if you want Sonarr and Plex to behave....
  19. I understand your concern also. When the drive starts reallocating sectors it just makes the drive work twice as hard and the duty time goes down greatly. I remember when you could lock out sectors and whole rows of a drive before partitioning and the drive would work great for years. The problem is our technology has gotten too good for the equipment. Drives are working tighter tolerances and the control has been taken away from the users hands. Now you have drives with the electronics on controlling the information, handshakes, syncing, and a whole lot more. A document could be held on a floppy drive and a program on a cd. Now you are with USB Thumb drives and DVD Drives. Hard drives that hold Terabytes instead of Megabytes. I feel just the way you do about thowing away drives. Here is what I do. I pull the drive, I run Spinrite by Steve Gibson on it. It then lets me know what the full health of the drive is. I then mate it with an old external drive enclosure I can use. I partition the drive into many parts around the known bad spots. I format the partitions. Load the drive with some data I want to save. Two or three copies with Drive Pool and then disconnect the drive an place it in storage with a detailed Directory of what is on the drive. On one wants to throw away drives that don't work anymore but I can tell you that you can get lost in time spending too much time fighting a lost cause. If a drive is showing more reallocated sectors all of the time. It is not the coating on the disk that is bad but the electronics is getting weaker and you might lose the drive with all of IMPORTANT data before you know it. Don't like to mention it on some boards because it can create arguments but S.M.A.R.T. was created (I believe) as a timer to kill Hard drives. Why would you let a drive power down or park a head if you know that counter would shut the drive down at a certain count. Why? to make you buy heavy duty and high priced drives for long term use. Also, I have bought NAS Reds that have lasted less than USB Backup drives. Just for someones history info. A long time ago. HP made a Data Tape backup drive with a 20 MB Hard drive in it as a cache. The military had procured a ton of them. Over a very short time, The tape drives got replaced with Floppy and cartridge. When the DataTape drives were scrapped, I found out about the hard drives. I bought lots of them from the DRMO. I pulled the drives, ran tests on them and sold them for a profit. At the time Drives were going for $10.00 per Meg. I had hundreds. Here is the answer for you. If the drive is in an external enclosure. Pull the drive. Place it inside a computer with the proper connection. Sata Pata IDE. Start a program like Spinrite and look at all the information. If the drive checks out green and clean. Have the drive run a wipe or two and rescan. If it is still showing healthy. Re-purpose the drive if they duty life is half. If the drive is in a computer. Do the opposite.. If the drive sector rates go up and you have another drive the same type and size with a spin up problem, You can try to replace the board. It is all that you are willing to do. If too much of your time is consumed, you do feel it is worth it.
  20. Just did the Passport 0830 on Slow Format. It hasn't finished but on the Tiny setting, I see no failures. I do know that it has to go thru all of the drive first to clean out the errors from the last scan so will wait. Well It still showed failed on the last largest number block. Seems the scanner starts there and moves to the lowest. Don't know what to say. Sorry. I am ignoring the warnings because I don't think the scanner is reading them right but it is working for the better part.
  21. How about a question on the same topic. Do you think because the Fast Format is like the expanding cache for the Cloud Drive and the end part of the format is not fixed?
  22. v I had upgraded to the Beta version. Until then I didn't have too much problems with damaged. Just the system would voice over SMART or Previous Overheat. Everything is still working just the drive shows Damaged. When you open the window up for the data scan screen, the Lower Right hand corner reports a bad block.
  23. Maybe I am talking out of turn for you but have you looked at these https://www.amazon.com/Stanley-655704-Velocity-Blower-Yellow/dp/B006O6FA22/ref=sr_1_22?ie=UTF8&qid=1506448982&sr=8-22&keywords=fan I had one like it and I used it on my server a while back in the Navy To me, it was easier because I could place a filter on the front of the nozzle and insert it into the vent at the bottom of my rack. This pushed a lot of air at a very low noise level. I had used a 2 inch plastic pipe that I bought from the hardware store with t-fittings to make an air manifold for each section. Do not use glue and it will be able to be taken apart if needed. I suggest pipe clamps or zip ties. I have air conditioner that is louder than it. Just check the filter once a month Forgot to mention. Use it on the lowest you can handle. Just helping.
  24. Verified. If you slow Format the Drive. Stablebit Scanner has no problem with the last sector problem. It seems to only be a Fast format problem. Tried it with the 0820 and 25E2. Am currently running chkdsk with /f parameter Question: Could this be an easier Fix. Most admins have and use programs like partition wizards instead of messing with the OS data management Would it be better to shrink the partition down 1 on both sides to set up a buffer between stops. Pretty much the way windows sets that blasted 100M partition in front of the OS when installing Win 7 on up. I read somewhere they did that to stop the Hard drives from beating up the Sector 0. Shame the Hard Drive People didn't read that also. Sounds really solid and I know it can create havoc on HD tables for large arrays. Just a thought. Making me rethink about a new HD before I put it into service and get caught up chasing my tail.
  25. The Scanner is now telling me that half of my drives are Damaged. Most are at the last sector of the scan. Drives are as follows. Western Digital My Passport 0820 & 0830 - 2TB WDC WD20NMVW-11AV3S2 & WDC WD20NMVW-59AV3S3 Western Digital My Passport 25E2 WDC WD40NMZW-11GX6S1 Seagate USB Model: ST1000LM010-9YH146 1TB Like was said. All seem to show damaged but it is the last sector on the drive. If I remove the drive an do a slow format. The problem goes away but I haven't taken enough time to see if it stays away and some drives can take up to 12 hours to format. Hope this helps. Using latest Beta Scanner.
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