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  1. VapechiK's post in Scanner reporting lifetime writes as 100% used after only 276GB copied onto a 1TB SSD. was marked as the answer   
    welcome to the world of cheap SSDs. a few months ago i bought 2x2TB Silicon Power 2.5" SSDs from amazon. hooked them both up to system SATA bus. one drive reported 1863GB and the other 1907GB. diskpart was ineffectual. both were locked at SMART temp 40C (idle or high I/O). writing to them from my WD Red NVMe was ~300MB/s so much less than advertised. there is a downloadable SP monitoring tool similar to the WD dashboard. i did not notice an option to upgrade firmware when i ran it. so after a few days of this i returned them to amazon easy peasy.
    aside from a much needed firmware update from SP, i doubt scanner can do much other than report whatever the drive is feeding it. the drive itself may be perfectly fine and ignoring the warning is probably safe for now. i myself cannot abide that type of discrepancy staring me in the face. YMMV, but if it were me i'd return it and get a WD, which is what i actually did. 
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