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At a loss...



Don't know what to do, or what the issue is. I have a problem with DrivePool that I can't figure out. My drives have gotten extremely slow, and I believe it has something to do with DP, or at minimum an issue with one of my drives. 


Since I thought the issue is related to DP, I uninstalled V1 and installed V2. It took forever for it to allow me to create the pool, and as of this minute, DP will not even open. 


If I click on Explorer to view my drives, the green bar at the top CRAWLS across as it is thinking, and then eventually I see no drive space estimate for the drive pool J:


See attachment


If  you wonder why the one drive is called "Rormatted", it was so I could keep track with which of the Samsung/Seagate drives I had run chkdsk /f /B and then formatted. I did complete them both, and everything was going fine until yesterday.


Everything on the PC is at a snail's pace, even though the processor is sitting at 0-1%, with an occasional 3%.


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First, I'm sorry to hear about the apparent drive failure/dying, as that is never a pleasant experience. :(


From what you describe, it definitely sounds like one of the drives may be dying.

However, if possible, check it's connection (make sure it's not a loose connection). And swap out the cable if you have a spare (make sure it's not just a bad cable that's causing the issues).



The drive is out of warranty, so I guess I'm buying some WD Red drives sooner than I thought.

Well, that really does suck. :(

However, getting some NAS drives is always good. :) 

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I just got my 15TB pool running sweet.. I was restoring a backup rom and old 300gb Maxtor IDE HDD in a USB 2.0 external case my pool is 2 6TB WD red drives 1 WD 1TB green sata 2 3gb/s and a 1 TB wd Black sata 3 6gb /s and 1 1TB 2.5 wd red 6gb/s. and I got 35-40MB/s from the usb 2 to the pool.. 260gb transferred in under 2Hours.

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