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Any reason not to upgrade 1.3.5 to 2.x on WHS 2011?


I have DrivePool 1.3 and Scanner installed on WHS 2011 in a mixed Win7Pro/Win8.1Pro environment. In addition to WHS backup I use CrashPlan to back up critical files to a drive in the pool, because some machines are laptops that aren't always connected by way of the WHS client. Those clients backups are further backed up to CrashPlan online as data from the WHS server. (The server is subscribed, clients are not.)


This approach seems to work and makes me confident that I could survive a disaster of my house burning down, and my server with it. I'm not interested in swapping backup hardware out to an off-site location. It just won't happen even if I deluded myself into thinking I would.


Considering this configuration, is there any reason I shouldn't upgrade DrivePool to 2.x?






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StableBit DrivePool 1.3 features tighter integration into the Dashboard. That's it's main thing right now.


However, DrivePool 2.X is much more actively developed and will be the version that gets newer features (like the new "Per Folder Balancing", aka controlling File Placement, or the Remote Control option).


Otherwise, the pool and license are backwards and forwards compatible, so there should be no reason not to at least try it out.

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Will 2.0 get the same level of integration?


We're trying to get there. My goal is to get 2.X to a similar level of Dashboard integration as 1.X. It's a lot more difficult though because 2.X supports many more Operating Systems.


But yes, that's the goal. For now, 1.X is still being made available and supported.

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