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  1. Unfortunately, the NUC I already have does not have an eSATA port. If Thunderbolt is an option, is it more reliable than USB 3.0?
  2. Hello. I'm running Windows Server Essentials 2016 on an HP N40L Microserver. 4 WD Red drives of varying sizes are combined into two pools using DrivePool. I'm looking into moving the WSE install onto an Intel NUC 5i5RYH. It has an M.2 SDD for the OS and a 2.5" HDD for data. I'd like to attach a 4 bay HDD enclosure by way of the USB 3.0 port, so WSE and DrivePool see the WD Reds as individual drives. That way DrivePool can rebuild the pools. I found MediaSonic and StarTech USB 3.0 enclosures that appear satisfactory for my purpose, but won't restart automatically if there's a power failure. Does anyone have any suggestions for alternate enclosure hardware? Ideally, the power supply would be self contained, but that's not a hard requirement. Being low power and low noise is, though. Thanks
  3. i just invoked the nuclear option. When reinstalled, it wanted a license #. The license I have says "StableBit Scanner, 1x Machine, Personal Retail License" but when I attempt to activate it, it tells me there's no license for that machine. I had 2.4 running successfully immediately before this. How do I resolve it? (I'll activate the 30-day trial in the meantime.) Thanks Chris
  4. I have DrivePool 1.3 and Scanner installed on WHS 2011 in a mixed Win7Pro/Win8.1Pro environment. In addition to WHS backup I use CrashPlan to back up critical files to a drive in the pool, because some machines are laptops that aren't always connected by way of the WHS client. Those clients backups are further backed up to CrashPlan online as data from the WHS server. (The server is subscribed, clients are not.) This approach seems to work and makes me confident that I could survive a disaster of my house burning down, and my server with it. I'm not interested in swapping backup hardware out to an off-site location. It just won't happen even if I deluded myself into thinking I would. Considering this configuration, is there any reason I shouldn't upgrade DrivePool to 2.x? Thanks Chris
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