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  1. I see other people with the same problem I have: A drive (older WD external USB drive in my case) returns a SMART value for the temperature but Scanner misinterprets it and shows a higher or lower than actual temperature. The usual recommendation is to adjust the threshold or maximum value so as not to cause an error message. I'm wondering if it might be possible to change Scanner to add a setting to adjust the algorithm that is used. In my case, Scanner is using (150 - SMART value) to compute the temperature in degrees C. What I'd like to be able to do is specify a number other than 150 -
  2. Instead of your 'nuclear option', I reinstalled, verified that it worked, removed it, reinstalled All is OK now. Thanks for the help.
  3. Yes, it is WHS 2011. I went to the dashboard, Addins tab, selected Scanner and clicked remove this addin. Said it removed. But the Scanner tab is still there and showing at the bottom left. Rebooted the server with the same result. So, it doesn't seem to have been removed but it doesn't show up in the list of addins. Any suggestions?
  4. I thought I updated my Scanner to v 2.5.3053 and that is what the server Dashboard Add-ins tab shows. But the scanner All Settings window still says at the bottom. Plus I don't see some new things noted in the release notes - like Settings -> Heat -> "Warning threshold:". To do the upgrade, I double clicked on the new download stored on a client computer. When I noticed the above I also rebooted the server but no change. Should I have removed the old version first?
  5. arrowd

    WHS2011 Alert

    I expected 'delete' to be one of the tasks in the right panel after highlighting the alert. Never thought to right click on the alert before.
  6. arrowd

    WHS2011 Alert

    Opening the dashboard and then clicking the Alerts link (just under the WHS 2011 logo next to Server Settings) shows me this screen which almost the same as the other shot and still doesn't have a delete button. OK, right clicking the alert gave me a choice to delete it. Gone now. Thanks for your help.
  7. arrowd

    WHS2011 Alert

    Yes, it is a WHS notification. No, deleting the alert is not an option. Refreshing the alerts doesn't get rid of it. See below
  8. arrowd

    WHS2011 Alert

    I have the same situation: I bought a scanner license several months ago (to support Alex as I have had Drive Pool since I built the WHS 2011 server) but just installed scanner. On 9/1 at 2AM got an email saying there were 9 reallocated sectors on disk G:. Next day at 2AM another email saying 13 reallocated sectors. I had a spare so did a 'remove from pool', shut down the server, replaced the existing disk with the same mfr, same model,, same SATA cable. Restarted the server and added disk to pool. All OK. But I still have the alert showing from 9/2 at 2AM that says 'a disk is suspec
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