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  1. Frisco Bill

    WHS2011 Alert

    I set Smart_NoWmi to true, and the error went away, but I could not longer get SMART data from two drives connected to a Silicon image PCI-Express SATA adapter. I changed it back to false and the error did not return and I could once again receive SMART data from those two drives.
  2. Frisco Bill

    WHS2011 Alert

    I think what happened is that I have a drive with an error. Reallocated sectors kept increasing. I removed the drive and added another while the alert was active. Now there is no error, but WHS thinks there is still an alert even though all the drive is Scanner show Healthy.
  3. Frisco Bill

    WHS2011 Alert

    I am getting an alert on my WHS2011 dashboard saying "a disk is suspect". It says to open the dashboard and open stablebit scanner and select the overheating disc. None of the disks show any SMART or overheating error. How can I determine what is causing the alert.
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