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Drivepool compatible backup programs?



Hello. I was wondering what my options are for backup programs out there that can backup files and folders from a pool drive directly without having to back up each individual drive in the pool (which would lead to an annoying amount of wasted space due to 3x duplication on the pool). I keep trying different ones, but either I run into ones that require VSS, or have their own set of issues, like Duplicati. I used to use Crashplan, but decided to move on. I'm now using Backblaze for online backup, but still need one for local backup. Any suggestions?

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I understand the concern.

I use DP with x2 duplication and Windows Server Backup and that indeed relies on VSS. So what I have done is I created two Pool (Q:\ and R:\) with x1 (so no) duplication and then created another Pool P:\ that consists of Pools Q:\ and R:\ and Pool P:\ does have x2 duplication. This way I have the best of both worlds I guess, I got x2 duplication and x1 backup.

It would work similarly with x3 duplication, i.e., create three Pools without and then add them to a Pool with x3 duplication etc. It is not without its compromises, you would want, for instance, each underlying Pool to be roughly the same size and as if and when a disk in the Pool that is being backed up fails, you may need to review the backup settings (as it may need to point to a replacement disk).

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On 7/9/2019 at 11:13 AM, Pichu0102 said:

That would work, but unfortunately, just wouldn't work for me. Lots of smaller drives of various sizes. So the hunt for a compatible backup program continues.

Size of individual drives don't matter that much, as long as lower - level pools are about the same size.

Spider99's suggestion may work well as well in combinatie with a solution that provides BMR for the OS.

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On 7/12/2019 at 4:42 PM, Spider99 said:

I use SyncBackPro to backup my pool to my NAS and a second pool - works fine with no issues (does not use VSS)

Point it at your pool drive rather than the individual drives


Do you have a separate machine you back up to? I was wondering if I can mark drives in drivepool as solely for backup or is it better to make another pool and point syncbackpro to the new pool. I have an external enclosure I can use for the backup drives.

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