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  1. ok here is my question of the month haha Difrences in these? LGA 2011 LGA 3647 I feel like I should be looking at the 3647 because it is the new thing and future proofing but is that really a thing? Ive been looking at these boards today: SUPERMICRO MBD-X10SRL-F Server Motherboard SUPERMICRO MBD-X10SRA-O ATX Server Motherboard
  2. my OS crashed and got GRUB rescue code prompt. I saw screw it and installed WS2016 Essential to try it out. Drashna - what were the settings I needed to make sure I set in drivepool since I use Perfectdisk? I don't know if they are still important with the new version or not. I do remember you had me change a few things on the other one. I use an Evo SSD as my OS drive.
  3. the files that were encrypted and now unencrypted are fine. the ones that i weren't encrypted seem to be damaged in some way. I either get autio no video or no video and garbled audio. I dont know of any programs that can repair video either. This whole experience is lame, not drive pool the ransomware. I did start getting duplication conflicts recently. so that is new.
  4. I just moved forward with decryption. I am having an issue though... all the video files that weren't encrypted seem to be damaged. Im not sure why. I asked the antivirus company that supplied the decrypt software if its a side effect and they assured me its not. is there a possibility that drive pool could have currupted during ransomware attack and broke a few files?
  5. it was folder and they don't have a plus I removed those. the only folder that is more then one is meta data for some reason has 3 next to it. I have re-measured also.
  6. I turned off duplication on my system as I am trying to decrypt my HDD due to Ransomware. I selected everything I could it still shows 6tb are duplicated. I cant select anything else and it shows Metadata is duplicated 3x's How do I reclaim this space.
  7. whats a socket do you recommend. is there a universal socket like supports i9 and xeon?
  8. well after looking at CPU pricing, im thinking LGA3647 CPU's are out since ive only seen them in the $2000 area. I want something a little future proof. where i can upgrade the CPU in a few years if I have to buy a lower model today.
  9. So I'm having a really really bad day. I just found out in a hurry I transferred a few files I didn't scan to my server, I have now been the recipient of ransomware. Are the duplications from drivepool of any help in restoring my files? I'm trying to find a way to decrypt but if I cant....
  10. MBD-X11SPI-TF-O if i get a dual processor board do i have to populate both CPU sockets at the same time?
  11. EPC621D8A EP2C612D8-2T8R EPC612D4U-2T8R am I looking in the right diection?
  12. so Like HP ilo feature... I agree that is neat.
  13. So any board that support xeon and EEC memory should be fine right? or is there other features I should be keeping an eye out for?
  14. yeah I have been looking at server motherboards and ECC memory (which seems way more expensive). with how things work is there still a real world benefit to ECC? with saying that I would guess yes since business run it, if it wasn't needed it would have died out. is there really that big of a difference in buss speeds from Desktop to server boards? I read that server MB are better built for multi data stream support. for me personally the only thing I have to compare to is the MSS ex-495 with the Q9550s which has served me well. its limited by ram, at the very least. Christopher, I appreciate your helping point me in the right direction.
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