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  1. ok my question now it what LSI card to get. Is there a benefit to move all my drives to the HBA? i have a Supermicro AOM-SAS3-8i83 cable adapter. this will allow me to have external storage array. what i need to know is how do i get all my disks to show up independently? I mean since I'm using DrivePool I don't need raid. I was looking at the 9400 9500 an 9600 series cards but honestly, I'm lost. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I got the X13SAE-f Motherboard. I was holding out for the ASUS W680 boards to come out but got tired of waiting. a month after I purchased ASUS dropped their boards and a little cheaper then what I paid. Im happy with my system im happy it is finally up and running. I went a little over and got 128gb of ECC memory to just max it out. overkill for what I need but that is always what I wanted to do. What I need now is a HBA card for internal and external drives. I have an old sans digital id like to keep using for duplication of data.
  3. Let me see if I under stand this correctly, I might be in the same boat as JasonC. I just build my new home sever and populated it with new disks. I have moved all my data from the old server. The drives in the old server are old but some of them might still be ok to use just not the drive I would want my original copy of data on. So im trying to rotate my disks like this: New / Duplicate / Trash. I want to label the older disks for use as duplication only. so I can still suck some life out of them before I upgrade those also.
  4. Do you have a separate machine you back up to? I was wondering if I can mark drives in drivepool as solely for backup or is it better to make another pool and point syncbackpro to the new pool. I have an external enclosure I can use for the backup drives.
  5. Hello Christopher are you still using Perfectdisk on your drivepool server?
  6. Hello Christopher (Drashna), Finally built my replacement server it only took me 7 years. I didnt get hotswapable backplane like the MSS, but I did listen to you and got ECC memory. This was a nonnegotiable for my build. Thank you for all your help. First thing I did was get a license for Scanner and a 2nd license for drivepool. Thank you!! The only thing I need now is a SATA internal/External card.
  7. Still using my MSS EX-495 been a while since i started this Thread. I havent moved forward to much in my quest to build my next server. I ended up picking up a i9 - 12900 Seasonic - PRIME TX-1000, 1000W 80+ Titanium PSU I need to figure out the motherboard part. I wanted a W680 (ECC Support) Motherboard, but I'm not finding a ton of options. Im hoping to get this build done in next few months, this time.
  8. ok here is my question of the month haha Difrences in these? LGA 2011 LGA 3647 I feel like I should be looking at the 3647 because it is the new thing and future proofing but is that really a thing? Ive been looking at these boards today: SUPERMICRO MBD-X10SRL-F Server Motherboard SUPERMICRO MBD-X10SRA-O ATX Server Motherboard
  9. my OS crashed and got GRUB rescue code prompt. I saw screw it and installed WS2016 Essential to try it out. Drashna - what were the settings I needed to make sure I set in drivepool since I use Perfectdisk? I don't know if they are still important with the new version or not. I do remember you had me change a few things on the other one. I use an Evo SSD as my OS drive.
  10. the files that were encrypted and now unencrypted are fine. the ones that i weren't encrypted seem to be damaged in some way. I either get autio no video or no video and garbled audio. I dont know of any programs that can repair video either. This whole experience is lame, not drive pool the ransomware. I did start getting duplication conflicts recently. so that is new.
  11. I just moved forward with decryption. I am having an issue though... all the video files that weren't encrypted seem to be damaged. Im not sure why. I asked the antivirus company that supplied the decrypt software if its a side effect and they assured me its not. is there a possibility that drive pool could have currupted during ransomware attack and broke a few files?
  12. it was folder and they don't have a plus I removed those. the only folder that is more then one is meta data for some reason has 3 next to it. I have re-measured also.
  13. I turned off duplication on my system as I am trying to decrypt my HDD due to Ransomware. I selected everything I could it still shows 6tb are duplicated. I cant select anything else and it shows Metadata is duplicated 3x's How do I reclaim this space.
  14. whats a socket do you recommend. is there a universal socket like supports i9 and xeon?
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