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  1. I'm currently running DrivePool with 5 HDDs and everything is going fine. I'm planning to put together a new system now and would like to move those 5 pooled HDDs over along with the same folder structure, etc... Is there a certain procedure I must follow? Also, will I be able to port my license over to the new computer? The old computer will be given away and DrivePool won't be used. Thanks
  2. Did a search of the forums but nothing came up... When defragging, should I select each individual drive or do I just choose the drivepool? This is just via the Windows 8 built-in defragger.
  3. Thanks, I managed to find out about the PoolPart folder last night after doing some searching. Everything is set up now One more question instead of starting a new thread, if I check 'Do not balance automatically' will it fill the drives sequentially? As in drive 1 first, then 2 after 1 is full, then 3, 4 etc...?
  4. I pooled my storage drives (not new, have data on them) but the new drivepool only shows free space. Do I just move the files from the individual drives over to the pooled drive? Is there a faster way to merge all the drives in the pool? Once I copy the files from the individual drives over to the drivepool is it safe to delete them from the invidual drive? For example, my individual drives are E, F, G, H and I. Drivepool is K. After I copy everything from E to K, can I delete everything from E?
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