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  1. Hi I use both scanner and drivepool and have done for many years and if there is ever a problem both have always sent a corresponding email notification, are you sure that it is working and the emails are getting sent drivepool sends a missing drive email and scanner send the smart error emails I know this doesn't help you but the system does work I personally would double check everything even the spam folder Lee
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    Yeah I had the same a very time consuming process I had 2 new drives just in case I had a failure so I formatted them as refs added them to the pool then used the duplicate later option to remove a few drives at a time and rinse and repeat until I was done. If Alex ever gets time to try implement the self heal ability of refs drivepool will be very sweet deal
  3. lee1978


    I have been using refs for well 6 months and not had any issues what so ever and no corruption in fact I have to say my system has never been this stable
  4. Hi "So what does happen with the corrupted files? Are they evacuated in that corrupted state to an other disk? This would be bad, because of duplicating i have an healthy copy of these files. I will never find out what was the healthy or the corrupted file? If this is true, it is a really bad default setting for stablebit scanner plugin to move duplicated files from damaged disks" In my experience of having a corrupt file either by bad sector or bitrot duplication is useless. which has annoyed me to no end even when scanner tries to repair the file it doesn't, I have brought this up lots of times asking to have the option to replace the damaged file with the duplicate or for drivepool/scanner to have a similar setup like storage spaces where files are automatically repaired using the duplicate. I don't think it's at the top of the list of things to do however it should some have some kind of priority since this is user data at risk but Alex is neck deep with cloud drive and everything else is on the back burner so I wouldn't hold your breath. I have been tempted to not use dulplication and rely on backups which would save me about 12tb of space but because of how drivepool spreads the files across multiple drives and I have been unable to find any software that will scan the individual drives and create a list of contents that is easy to read it's easier to keep duplication on. I do run a separate pool using storage spaces (refs)primarily for testing with 4tb of data because the self heal abilities appeal to me and as yet I have not had any loss of data as far as I know if Alex could add such a feature to drivepool i think it would add a lot more appeal to drivepool
  5. Hi unfortunately drives do instantly fail not all give warning signs it happened to me with an ocz ssd the drive just failed not any of the computers I tried it in even showed it was connected it went from working to paper weight in the blink of an eye that's why backups are so important
  6. I have 17tb backed up to crash plan with no problems so far have only ever recovered a about 5 blu-Ray rips that have gotten corrupt but i am hoping Alex is going to get time eventually to take a look at the prospect of being able to utilise the pool duplication better so this doesn't happen Lee
  7. Hi and welcome Yes once the pool has been created and folders created just drag and drop the files from the root of the drive into the pool folders and drive pool will do its magic.
  8. Hi bud I have some wd greens with about 750k load cycles on tbh I don't think its's that a big deal I haven't heard of any failing once they hit 300k I think Alex would have to se a lower threshold if you wanted scanner to notify earlier
  9. Hi Bad power supply's can also cause this it has happened to me in the past check the 12+ Rail output if it's around 20 to 30 amp it's no good most new ones put out between 60 to 75 amp and get a decent make. its also good practice to connect all the power connections on the back of the back planes you should have 2 per backplain try mix them to spread the load so instead of using a splitter and going 1 & 2 go 1 @ 6 that way the draw on spinup is spread per output and try not to connect more than 8 drives per output from the power supply. My power supply came with 12 molex and 12 sata over 6 output leads from the psu try look for one that does the same.
  10. Hi I think that would be very useful for many people on here I have being using the built in command but the output is very messy maybe Alex can add it to drivepool or scanner. Lee
  11. I second that I'll happily pay for version 3.0 of drivepool with those added features having lost files with a good duplicate it's becoming annoying to say the least.
  12. Hi, Well i have been busy tinkering updated from my highpoint 2072 to LSI 9207 4i4e for no particular reason other than i got it at a steal of a price. I also got rid of my 2x studio 4u case's and custom built my own out of old cases I had spare also installed silent fans in all my hardware so well its silent and very cool drive temps are a steady 28C to 30C under load I updated my main Spec build here so show all the changes. Lee Edit (by Drashna) http://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/5-my-rackmount-server/&do=findComment&comment=108
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    Hi, Had to reboot my server today after an update and now my pool is showing 189gb of "other" I have checked all the drives everything seems fine even run a re-measure made no difference prior to reboot all it showed was duplicated data. What is "other" and how do I find it Lee
  14. Hi Chris My pool has been all refs now for 2 day's I am not seeing any performance hit infact I don't see any difference at all everything is working exactly the same even with ss there is also the option to optimise the pool in ss which is the same as rebalance I think it's had a lot of feedback and there adding new features and improvements every update.
  15. Been doing lots and lots of Googleing and reading today and the more you read the more You notice apart from the odd couple of problems which Some how seem to become the only topics you find the deeper you dig there is nothing but praise for both refs and ss. I found one interesting article that explicitly says refs is designed to replace ntfs and is released as a fully functioning file system and has been put through 10 of thousands of test's outlining 3 stages: Stage 1 refs will be available and implemented in to server solutions with its main focus on file system storage. Stage 2 Refs will be become available for client based systems to allow consumers to group together storage media for a more resilient solution Stage 3 Refs will replace ntfs for c: It goes on to say that they are supporting all 3rd party venders to help with the transition and implementation of refs. There was also a short part on the sceptics where the writer says they remember when ntfs replaced fat32 "it never will" "why fix something that isn't broke" "it's not as good fat32". So I hope Alex can find the time to look into this and it would be amazing if he could get the auto heal to work another part I read was. When refs detects a corrupt file it signals ss to replace with the duplicate file so that might be something that can be tapped into.
  16. Yeah it's got the better of me, I am going to have a backup pool on storagespaces 1:1 mirror to allow the self healing to work and I am now busy converting to refs on drivepool once done I am going to split the acces to the pools between my computers and media streamers and the first 1 to get a corrupt file loses.
  17. hi chaps Ok well this morning the new pool is full as expected it automatically goes offline now I had two options I could bring it back online line read only or add another drive so i did while adding the new drive I get the option to rebalance the pool which I think is neat so after doing that the pool becomes read/write and is now rebalancing. So far so good I love drivepool and scanner but the prospect of a self healing pool has my curiosity and is something I personally have been after for the last few years. I stayed away from storage spaces mainly due to the negative comments but so far so good and while I have never had any data loss with drivepool I have had a few corrupt files (I do have backups) which the only option is to delete and replace from backups even with 3x duplication on the pool, which is so frustrating so the option to have exactly the same setup with self healing abilities is getting the better of me I suppose the big question is to try prove it works easyer said than done.
  18. The 8tb drives are very tempting but that's a lot of data to lose if 1 dies and if you lose 2 I think I would pass out lol 3tb is my largest I have the space for 48 drives I have 20 at the moment and just add when I need to. I have set up a new mirrored pool with refs under storage-spaces and it's currently being populated the transfer speeds are high running between 100/130, the new pool will run out of space before it completes but I want to test what happens when it does and how easy it is to solve but on the whole so far nothing seems any different
  19. Hi Chris They had good things to say about your software but they did point out many times the advantage of ReFS it might be worth a little more of Alex's time to get it working with drivepool like it does with storagespaces. The prospect of my pool self healing is very much at the top of my list it is something and some other drivepool users have been pushing for over a year i have had the odd corrupt file and it's very annoying to think my pool has a good duplicated copy on it I can't use (my workaround on this is to pull the drive out with the corrupt file let the pool rebuild then format add it back it does work but a pain to do). It would be nice to get some feed back from Alex on this as the more I see not read it's becoming ever more attractive. But like said in my previous post I will run an identical copy of my pool with storagespaces and see how well it works for me.
  20. Hi Nathan Thanks that's good to hear I am going to start re formatting my spare drives and start the migration. I think i just got mindset by the lot of negative comments you read on the net on both storagespaces and ReFS, but I should have known better tbh I have 16 wd greens in my pool and some are now reaching the 5 year mark with no problems at all but people say don't touch them with a barge pole I think it's all down to individual usage and like you say the demonstration I had yesterday showed it just works and works very well. I think I will set up another identical pool using storage spaces which I will use for backup and do a lot of testing in either case should the worst happen to either drivepool or storagespaces i would then just be able to redirect to either one I shall keep you informed. Thx Lee
  21. Hi Chris I spent most of today in a meeting with a small tech company demonstrating refs and storage spaces that was the main focus however other software was also used in the demo drivepool was one of them. While I think due to reading negative reviews I have never even looked at storage spaces I have to say I was very impressed with how they presented it disconnecting drives pulling the power plug, taking a drive out and connecting to another machine to show the data is still readable and to find it's very much on par with drivepool. Also the read and write speeds were good.The closets software they compared it to was drivepool which they had much praise for the only negative comment was the lack of refs support in drivepool and the benefits of using refs so is refs support on the todo list and can it be fully integrated into drivepool to take advantage of its file healing this would eliminate the need for the file safe program we have been asking for so a bit of a trade off. Lee
  22. Hi I believe that is something that is on the todo list I know it has been mentioned about people not knowing what is going on while it's running I think Alex is tied up with drive cloud at the moment so it may be a while yet.
  23. lee1978

    Wrong read errors

    Hi I have had a similar issue in the past even wd tools scanned the drive as ok, I left the drive in and told scanner to ignor the errors and touch wood a year on and it's been fine but that was a risk I took, its up to to you what you do maybe a full format, check disk and maybe use the manufacturer tools I know if you rma a good drive they will send it back at your expense I think scanner is a little sensitive at times. But it's your choice and risk
  24. Hi Chris No not what I ment while the dpcmd command Is useful and least I/we now have a list of all the files stored on the pool it's the way it's all output like your own log it shows device 7,7,7,9,7,9,9,7 when you look at the output from a 30 plus drive system it's chaos my output log was huge if possible it needs to list the contents of 1 drive at a time and my own preference would be to lose all the folder locations also so I would have a simple output log. Device 1 Star Trek .mkv Dr who.mkv Florida.jpeg Device 2 Starwars.mkv Game of thrones.mkv And so on maybe add it to the list of requests lol Thx
  25. The tree command would be fine if you have a few drives but when you get to 30+ drives with no drive letters it becomes a laborious task. Maybe when Alex gets round to updating drivepool/scanner this option could be added to them I know it has been asked about a number of times before.
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