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  1. That's exactly what I am planning to do. Glad to hear it's working. I'll probably do my upgrade tonight.....fingers crossed.
  2. So I see the iso for Server 2019 sitting in MSDN and I'm, of course, itching to do an in-place upgrade of my Server 2016 setup. In a (very) rare moment of caution I figured I'd ask about if DrivePool and Scanner have been tested on 2019. So...have they? Any issues I should know about before taking the plunge?
  3. I'm looking to have some sort of parity and redundancy that the Drobo provides (I'm kind of wary of running my deathwish drive pool). The goal is that at some point, my entire pool will be just made up of individual Drobo iSCSI volumes. If you have a simpler and financially equivalent solution I'm more than happy to hear it.
  4. So I'm thinking of picking up a used Drobo Pro (DRPR1-A) for like $250 from a guy on Facebook. Now I'm fairly sure this thing is limited to volumes of 16GB in size which isn't a big deal if I can use DrivePool on my Server 2016 box to combine a couple of volumes into one pool. Is something like this supported? Keep in mind this would be my first Drobo anything (they were always WAY out of my price range for what they are) so please excuse my ignorance in case this whole thing is a ludicrous idea. Thanks!
  5. Nice setup. Where did you get that case cause 45 drives doesn't seem to have it on sale by itself.
  6. So running it with /scan didn't find anything and your explanation that it skips the volume bitmap part seems a good explanation as to why it didn't find anything bad. Now running chkdsk /F then running another chkdsk to verify no other issues are found is the correct approach, right?
  7. So running chkdsk /F fixed the issue. It said that the issue was space that was marked as used but was really free. So far I reset the filesystem health status in Scanner to unchecked and ran the scanner on both 3TB drives and am currently running it on the 8TB drive. Both 3TBs now came back as normal.
  8. OK, I'm not sure what the deal is but now a third 3TB drive has come up with the same error. I can understand 2 disks having the same issue at the same time but 3 out of 4 pool members seems a bit....unlikely. There has been nothing recently done on this server outside of upgrading from 2012 R2 to 2016. I believe this is the first time the drives got scanned since the 2016 upgrade so could that have something to do with these results?
  9. The SMART values appear fine and both drives show no imminent failures expected. The other disk had the same kind of error in Scanner but was fixed with whatever operation ran when I clicked to fix the issue in Scanner (I assume chkdsk).
  10. So I woke up this morning to some alerts from Scanner that 2 of my drives had filesystem issues (both drives are in a pool). Running the link to fix the drive within the Scanner fixed one drive right away but my 8TB drive failed and asked me to run chkdsk manually. I assigned the drive a letter and chkdsk reported the following: Stage 3: Examining security descriptors ... Security descriptor verification completed. 11604 data files processed. The Volume Bitmap is incorrect. Windows has checked the file system and found problems. Running it with the /scan switch found no issues but runni
  11. How ready for production use is I'm a bit hesitant using a beta release on my pool.
  12. Now that Server 2016 is generally available, I was wondering if DrivePool and Scanner are compatible with it. I'm currently running both on Server 2012 R2 but feel the need to upgrade to 2016 (yes, I know there is no good reason to but I really want to have the new shiny toy).
  13. Is this something new in the 2.x version of DrivePool? I don't recall this ever happening on my WHS 2011 server running DrivePool 1.x. Also how big of a performance hit would it have?
  14. So after restoring my data from a HDD loss (covered here: http://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/2037-scanner-didnt-find-my-2tb-red-was-going-bad)I noticed a weird issue with my music library. I restore the whole library to an external drive using CrashPlan and then I copied the directory to my drive pool, overwriting all existing files. Everything seemed all nice until I added a new album to one of the sub directories. Subsonic wouldn't find anything and after some troubleshooting with the developer it was discovered that the modified time was not being updated on the parent dire
  15. I guess that is what happened. Sorry if I came off as hostile, it was just a huge pain in the ass to restore music/pictures/docs from crashplan and then to randomly find corrupted videos from the files I didn't have backed up in crashplan :-/
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