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  1. A drive dropped out of the Pool and it took some time until I discovered this. I expected to get an email, but didn't receive one. How ist the email send? How can I test, whether email notications work (e.g. "Test notification" button)?
  2. Carsten

    Wrong disk size

    With BETA 3116 both the wrong disk size and the wrong error scanning has gone. Thanks.
  3. Carsten

    Wrong read errors

    With BETA 3116 both the wrong disk size and the wrong error scanning has gone. Thanks.
  4. Carsten

    Wrong read errors

    I have to drives: one USB-Drive and one of SATA drive attached to an external eSATA case (the latter of which reports a wrong disk size of 1000 instead of other tools and the windows disk manager). I did a "chkdsk /f /r" which also scans the surface and I have no read errors at all! However, when I start a StableBit scanner, it produces lots of read errors. What is wrong?
  5. Could you please add an option to BINARY compare the files for integrity? This possiblilty was also often discussed in other threads since a couple of months. Currently there is no means of really verifying integrity. If I have 3x duplication and one file is differs from the other, then it is easy to have the third copy replaced by the others ones. Also with 2x duplication a conflict should be detectable. I also had the problem, that I copied some 100 GB of data from one disk to another and a binary comparison afterwards showed differences. This problem cannot be detected by DrivePool currently and should be fixed, at least with the command line option and even better in the management interface, to have a scheduled full or partial verification.
  6. Carsten

    Wrong disk size

    Yon the built in external eSATA port. Which information do you use. BitFlock id 388I14TA. However: The Window disk manager also gets the correct size of the disk. I also tried HD-Tune (freeiware and professional version) which also reports the correct size. So still think it is a bug.
  7. Carsten

    Wrong disk size

    I have an Seagate ST31000529AS drive attachted to to x510 Datavault server eSATA case. StableBit reports 1,8TB as the disk size, but the disk has only 1TB. See attached screen shots. I have version BETA
  8. Does it also do a binary comparision of the file parts, or does it only check, if the file is there and timestamp and size match?
  9. The recalculation bug seems to be fixed in, but the "unduplicated" problem is still there, even though I did a "remeasure" with this version. Now I have 2.35MB of "unduplicated" files, but don't now, how to find out which files are not duplicated. Also why does a "remeasure" not fix the problem. There should be 0 "unduplicated" files.
  10. Any news on the verification checker or Fileafe?
  11. Any news or improvements on the verification tool?
  12. The "recalculation bug" from point 2 is till there in the latest beta.
  13. How exactly do I turn on verification and how to read the results? I worked with Raid mirroring in the past and had inkonsistencies there. Recently I had a drive, where I discovered that some files were not identical to copies I had on another drive (laptop), even though the files did not change and also all files were readable and the SMART-attributes did not show anything special. So we really badly need a verification tool which can make two types of checks (mayby configurable): 1) Check whether all files have been duplicated formally (my issue of not duplicated files is still open and I cannot find our what the problem is. Also you were not able to the solve the problem from the log files I send you). 2) Check binary integrity of the duplicates. So please: Make a verification tool, where we can check the type 1) and type 2) integrity as soon as possible. Also this tool should be schedulable (e.g. once a month). Even more urgent is ANY way to resolve existing inconsitencies (like my problem of having several MB unduplicated and the "recalculation loop").
  14. I upgraded to the latest beta and both problems are still there. But since this version also the "Troubleshooting" option is missing, so I cannot activate logging. How to do this with this version?
  15. I didn't find any information about the SMART data dialog and its interpretation. Questsion I have are: * Some attributes have a green background. Which is the meaning? * How to read the precentages? * How to read the bar graph? It is some red bar and a black bar. * It is possible to see the attribute id? * Termperature is logged and there is a graph. Is there also a graph and history for other attributes (would be fine).
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