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  1. After searching around I did see the reason(no partial reads). However at a 1MB file size it makes this unusable. If i had larger chunks i could at least attempt to use this even if it is slower.
  2. I can only make up to 1MB chunks with Onedrive for business. Is there a reason for this? I hit some sort of throttle limit in an extremely small amount of data.
  3. Does the feature "Read-only" make mounting on two devices more feasible? Lets say machineA has full read/write but machineB is read only.
  4. WBadminUser

    Auto retry

    Unfortunately this did not help. There is at least one unmount a day. Peaking at the logs i couldnt really tell "why" its happening.
  5. WBadminUser

    Auto retry

    I will give this a shot. Thanks
  6. WBadminUser

    Auto retry

    I get disconnected from my google drive about once a day. I only have to click retry and it reconnects. Is there anyway to make this happen automatically.
  7. I am trying to find the sweet spot for streaming media. We have a large prefect which appears to work but a short prefetch time. Does the prefetch data just move to the cache when its done? We also have a large cache.
  8. Yep i have this issue also. Was on my to post list but you beat me
  9. I have to re authorize every time. Are you getting prompted for that?
  10. I guess that is what i disagree with. I basically have it working already, just have to do a few tricks that could be built in. Its probably more a user experience they are worried about.
  11. OK, yes.... I am fully aware this has been asked over and over. And yes.... I am fully aware you guys keep saying no. However, I feel we are SOOOO CLOSE to working out of box. I have two computers that i have clouddrive installed. I made one cloud drive and attached both, with one of them having zero upload threads(My read only box). This works, and it works nearly the way i want it to. Yes both are not writing but that is OK. If i write to the drive on the box that has upload, I dont see the new data as the file structure is pinned and doesn't refresh on the read only box. A quick wor
  12. This worked guys. Thx! My use case was i was moving files onto the drive then extracting them. Just worked into my workflow better. But i didn't want to uploaded the compressed files re-download them to extract them then upload the extracted files.
  13. just wanna say this patch is AMAZING!
  14. WBadminUser


    So....... Whats your guys opinion on using this instead of NTFS?
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