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  1. One of the things I want to do is to automatically mount 3 cloud drives from 3 different accounts and have them sync once a week. I would encode my script with the PW hashes for each encrypted volume and mount them one at a time, allowing one drive to completely finish mounting before the next one begins the process. Once all drives are mounted then start the sync process between each account and a local copy one at a time to limit overhead. After everything is done syncing, unmount. Its totally overkill but it would be nice to have some command line tools to play around with different ideas.
  2. Are there or are there plans for command line integration? I would love to be able to script out some processes where drives can be mounted, created, and/or destroyed by command line options. Just curious what options I have.
  3. Thanks for all the replies. I think for the time being I will just use GDrive as my 2nd offsite backup, for the time being it's free/very cheap so I'll keep it under 10TB per account. I don't want to ruin it for everyone, like the 75TB guy did with OneDrive.
  4. I am currently using version and it's working great. I have about 500GB uploaded so far and it appears to all be perfect. I have a bunch concerns as I am starting to use CloudDrive more and more. Will the format change much in the future? I've seen here and there on the forums that between different versions of the beta it has been recommended to "create a new drive" to take advantage of new features and speed improvements. I understand that this is BETA software but I don't want to re-create, download, and re-upload several TB of data a bunch of times moving forward. (http://commu
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