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  1. OK thank you. Time to get the credit card out
  2. One more question please. I have a server with 8TB of drives with 4TB of files on them. I install Drivepool and it creates a pool of the 4TB of free space. I copy the 4TB of files into the pool so that there's now 4TB of free space outside of the pool. Can I add that 4TB into the pool now that it's empty?
  3. Thank you. Another quickie. If file duplication is turned on is double the amount of disk space used by the same set of files? Is the total drive capacity halved - a bit like RAID 1?
  4. I've just joined the forum. I have raised a ticket for this but thought I'd repeat it here. This is what my ticket says: Hi there I'm thinking about getting a copy of Drivepool for my WHS2011 server. Reading the manual tells me that if I create a pool on a drive that already has files on it then those files don't appear on the pool drive. Is there any way of making them appear on the pool? I have an HP microserver that already has files on all its four drives. I'd just like to pool them all into one big drive and have the files already there appear in the pool. cheers Richard
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