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    Hi I use windows essentials 2012 r2 for client backups and crashplan to backup everything never had any problems so far got about 40tb with crash plan
  2. Hi I also read about plex dropping amazon, has anybody ever thought that's these providers don't want users storing massive amounts of data let alone using them as there own personal Netflix streamer and apps such as plex and cloud drive will never function 100% as it's not what the cloud providers intended there storage to be used for. even cloud backup users with lots of data get booted every now and then. This has to be looked at a different way Netflix must pay huge sums to run and store there data in the cloud so why are they going to sit by and let people do the same for £50 a year never going to happen
  3. Hi while I agree it is slower I wouldn't say it is extremely slow and that may be due to it checking the files more rigorously for errors. I normally rip my blu rays directly on the server and never really move anything off so it isn't really noticed, I never get stutter during play back either using Plex or directly to a media streamer. I can see it been a bit of a issue if large amounts of data are moved back and forth regularly but that is not really what a file server is for very similar to the seagate archive drives
  4. Hi I too have been tempted and done many test dp vs ss and I agree the prospect of a self healing file system is ever more tempting. The test's didn't throw up any problems with either system but drivepool has been slow with the updates and improvements for a while now mainly due to cloud drive and is due a massive overhaul . But I have to say I run 2 identical pools one dp the other ss and they both work absolutely fine and just reaching the 6 month mark I will stick with dp for now until the new updates come out but like you if for whatever reason refs can't be fully Implemented I will also have to make some hard decisions. Good luck and keep us informed
  5. Yeah I second that I have been using refs for a while now but only getting half the benefits from it is a bummer we know Alex is busy with cloud drive but it would be nice to even know if it is possible to get the self healing side of refs any chance of yes,no, maybe
  6. Not getting any problems joining new machines using either the built in connector or the downloaded version even removing existing machine's work fine
  7. You can download the windows 10 connector software from Microsoft direct then it works the version built into server es2012 does not work well with 10
  8. Yes backup is always necessary I use crashplan got around 30tb backed up with no problems at all and all that for £60 a year
  9. Hi the product is a stable release which can be downloaded from the main website the beta's are hot fixes for specific issues raised by fellow users as such they are betas as they may or may not effect other users systems adversely and are downloaded at your own risk. While I haven't spoke to Alex directly for a while he is actively updating the software and working on additional software for the product line-up Chris/drashna is the forum point of contact.
  10. No I was just posting to help you identify your problem my speeds hit around 120mb mark
  11. Hi mine has Fsdepends Dfsdriver Dfsrro Luafv Npsvctrig
  12. Hi other data can also be data out side of the pool parts folder so that's worth checking also was there any previous placement rules in place which may be still running
  13. Adding to the above have you tried connecting 1 of drives directly to the computer this would help rule out if there is a controller issue I really don't think this is a drivepool/scanner problem but more of a hardware issue also check the performance monitor to see what the disks are doing is there any throttling software or setting turned on
  14. Hi did you try the drive in a different bay in the enclosure if not it's worth a shot that would eliminate if it's the port for that bay that's failing or not, other than power which you checked the only other thing I can think of is I did have a couple of ocz ssd's do the same thing and after googling turned a lot of other people had the same problem crappy cheap parts hence I don't buy ocz ssd's anymore
  15. lee1978

    Damaged pooled hdd

    Like I said depends on a few things let it run overnight when access will be minimal it will slow down a lot if there is a lot access to the server during the process
  16. So it is well I don't know then I know mine isn't it might be a new beta I stopped running beta's a while ago my system is 100% stable at the moment and I'd like to keep it that way
  17. Hi it's not integrated into the server 2012 dashboard it was in windows home server but not essentials
  18. lee1978

    Damaged pooled hdd

    Hi from memory it takes around 6hrs but that depends on a lot things
  19. Hi No it's not possible to format the virtual pool only the individual drives in the pool I haven't suffered any ill effects from running like this but I know Alex (the developer) is hoping to take a look at refs to maybe/hopefully try implement some of its features. I believe cloud drive is priority at the moment. I haven't suffered any corrupt files since using refs this maybe just coincidence but seems to be working well for me but time will tell. I get around 116mbs transfer speeds between network computers which i believe is about max for a standard spinner. I am sure you already know but the drives within drivepool remain individual which has its benefits but if your after mega fast transfer speeds you won't get them like raid solutions.
  20. hi The pool will show up as ntfs under disk management even with refs disks don't no why it's something that is on the todo list for Alex but it doesn't effect anything. Drive pool does not add existing data already on the disk to the pool common practice for this is to just drag and drop any files outside the pool parts folders into the pool parts folder then either force a re-measure or restart the server which will kick in the auto re-measure.
  21. Hi my whole pool is refs and drivepool shows all the files fine did you format through storage spaces or disk management you also need to make sure you move all files into to relevant poolpart folder
  22. Hi the individual drive letters are not needed most people give the drives a name like bay 1 bay 2 etc purely to help identify the drives then remove the letters under disk management.
  23. I don't disagree that the psu is ok but fluctuations in power does damage components and since you have rightly so a ups we can rule out mains been the fault. so we come back to either psu/cables or the storage controller and for a disk to suddenly become uninitialised I don't think any software would just randomly do this without user input and it's not something that either drivepool or scanner is capable of doing. So getting back to the process of elimination if we are confident all the hardware is functioning as it should and been tested as best as it can be what software is installed that has the ability to reconfigure harddrives. I have experienced the random disconnection of harddrives which lead to corrupt data, damaged sectors and only on 1 occasion did have a drive become uninitialised and it was down to a faulty psu and believe me I blew £400 on a brand new Lsi controller as in my haste I thought it was a no-brainer. I can only advise on my own experience check and double check everything and if you have spares try them also before spending any money. I checked your link everything looks really nice is that all in the 1 norco case in my chenbro 24 bay case it literally only houses the harddrives/psu and sas expander which connects to the actual server which houses all the components including the Lsi hba my setup is in the rack mount section on here I'll try add the link but my 850watt psu only powers the harddrives nothing else. Drashna use's his Norco in a similar way to you but he runs a 1250watt redundant Psu http://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/5-my-rackmount-server/&do=findComment&comment=108
  24. Hi ok let's try help get the sorted because from what I am seeing this is looking more like a hardware issue first culprit is the power supply I know this because it happened to me. When mine was starting to fail these are the events I would suffer first on reboot certain drives would fail and by that I mean drop from the hba controller so I got 1 or 2 missing drives on reboot. However once the server rebooted it was possible just to remove and and reinstall because of hotswsp I didn't think any more of it. Then when scanner runs its surface scan I would get the same 1 or 2 drives would drop I would also get unreadable sector warnings also. So after this going on for a while I decided some of the drives were just old and failing so I bought 2 new harddrives so I could start the process of changing them this is when I got that sickly feeling right at the bottom of your stomach. Once I installed the first drive to be blunt the shit hit the fan the array of now 20 drives went berserk drives started dropping and reconnecting left right and centre drivepool and scanner must have sent me a 1000 email's. So I shut everything down and did the painful process of checking every single drive on another machine and guess what they were all fine no errors no disconnecting nothing. That was the good news so first thought was my hba card was knackered So out it came a mass of wires on the kitchen table and spare components later I fired it up and hmmm it was all fine not one drive dropped for over 24 hrs ok so what did I have or what had I done this was my list Motherboard Cpu Memory Cables Hba Psu Ok so by pure luck the easiest part to remove from the server array was the psu so swapped that with the one on the kitchen table and wham drives dropped shit load of errors so I changed it for a whopping 850watt psu over kill for 24 drives but it has never had a single blip since. I know this may be a bit long but the point is your problem could be anything any single part could be failing and while a complete pain in the ass every part needs to be checked. If you don't have the spare to test I would try disconnecting everything that is not needed on the server even half of the drives and slowly re add stuff until the problem starts. I know it's shit but it's the only way we learn through trial and error I now know if if my drives start to drop the first thing I will be checking is the psu. Keep posting and we will keep trying to help.
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