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  1. I need an explanation from the Stablebit team. What exactly is automatic self-healing and de-duplication? How does it work? Which data is repaired and with using what data? Thank you in advance.
  2. Hello, Is it possible to use one google drive account and create two CloudDrives on it? Each folder encrypted with a different key.
  3. Hello, How does "automatic self-healing" work? Are only cloud files or also the files on hdds repaired? Does de-duplication have to be turned on? Thank you in advance.
  4. Hello, I change the "DrivePool_VerifyAfterCopy" to "True". How to enforce checking of the whole pool now? I am going to verify the checksum of all the duplicated files. I use 3x duplication - what if one file will be different from the others copies? What if three copies will be different from each others?
  5. I have few 4TB WD Reds (5400) and few 4TB NAS HGST (7200). Both are reliable. Next time I will buy only WD Reds (5400) are cheaper and much colder.
  6. Hello Christopher, 1. Many people are using the DrivePool together with SnapRaid, because the DrivePool does not provide with data integrity protection - but for me DrivePool + SnapRaid over-complicated things. 2. What will be the main new features and benefits of new release versions for StableBit DrivePool and StableBit Scanner?
  7. Hello Christopher, Are you going to work on StableBit FileVault? I think the data integrity and file protection is for the most of your clients very important.
  8. zhup

    SSD Life value (%)

    Hello, What doed the SSD Life value (%) mean? How much of the life has been used? or How much of the life left?
  9. How the CloudDrive upload the VeraCrypt / TrueCrypt container? Example (Dropbox): Dropbox can synchronize only the changed portions of large files, while Google Drive and SkyDrive can only synchronize entire files (as far as I can tell). This means that, if you have a 100GB TrueCrypt drive and change a small file in it, Dropbox will upload a small portion of the TrueCrypt file, while Google Drive and SkyDrive will re-upload the entire 100GB file.
  10. Hello, How Poolpool + CloudDrive work with VeraCrypt container (uncheck: Preserve modification timestamp of file containers)? What happen if I will add new file to the cointainer? Will whole container be dupilicated by drivepool or only small parts? What about the cloudrive in such situaction?
  11. zhup

    Stable release?

    Hello, I finally bought a CloudDrive license. This is my fifth license for your products. A piece of good software for a very good price.
  12. zhup

    Stable release?

    Hello, Is the CloudDrive as the stable release now?
  13. Hello, Where the checksums are stored? What do you mean that during the data access they are verified? During the download? I would be good to have an option to be able to verify the data any time (compare the whole backup with the source) - not necessarily in the first stable release.
  14. Hello, How to make the CloudDrive to compare again the whole backup with the source (checksum checking)? Thanks.
  15. What is your need? CloudDrive is a piece of good software.
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