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  1. I have began the process already. 5.8TB of data will take about 2 days. This is a nightmare. And I have 28TB more to go. Still no follow up from support
  2. I have reached out to them, and gotten a response. But it's been 8 hours now and nothing back. I am thinking since it is the weekend. Hopefully come Monday, they will be more active in response. That is a lot of data to lose. I don't know where to begin.
  3. I have a Pool of 5 Hard Drives totaling 40TB. It has been working fine for years with no issues. However, Yesterday, one of the 8TB drives started showing up as a Pool on it's own, but with nothing able to be read from it. I tried everything I could to get it to rejoin the main pool, but it just kept giving one error after another. I eventually took out physically and connected it to an Enclosure so I could see it's contents. There were 2 pool folders in there, one which said it was corrupt and unreadable. The other was empty. Sorry I did not take screenshots of these error messages on time. Also, the System Reserved part of Windows now shows up as Disk 4. It never used to do that before. I ended up returning it back into the main computer, into the 40TB pool after about 3 hours of trying everything. It then finally showed up in the main pool but by duplicating another drive's name. I renamed it. So, the issue now and my worry is what you see in the picture attached. That drive, alongside another are grey versus the others that are all blue. I am concerned this could be the beginning of something and I do not want to lose my data at any cost. I have the complete package of Stablebit Drivepool, Scanner, and Cloud. The scanner shows all my drives as healthy with nothing failing or imminent.
  4. Contact Request 4473480 I have also done the Stablebit Troubleshooter and uploaded the logs. Thanks.
  5. I will do my best to try out all you have suggested and get you all the answers here. And my disk are all about a year old or less. Quite new and all still in Warranty. I will try all you have suggested and come back to you with an answer.
  6. Sorry for resurrecting my old thread, but this issue was never resolved. I just dealt with it. I am now forced to come back here because it has gotten significantly worst overtime. Now to copy a 20GB file takes over 1h30min. This is crazy. It took me more than 5 hours the other day to copy a 130GB collection of files with a minimum of 1GB per file. I have used Stablebit Scanner to monitor my drives and they are all healthy. Can you please help me see what my issue could be? I am still on Windows 8 Pro WMC. I attached the logs months ago and never got a response back. Sad Panda :-(
  7. Toggling the performance did not help. I tried different combinations and it still would drop to 9MBPS. The logs were included on the first page. Oh, I think I should mention this and see what you guys make of this. The Pool made up of external Hard drives in an Enclosure, over USB 3.0 now copies at a steady 110MBPS. Not sure what changed. But the Internal HDDs are still slow.
  8. Ok. I will go ahead and toggle the performance options and get you a log, as well as let you know what happens when I do. Thanks.
  9. Are you having the same problem as well?
  10. I did try copying it directly to one of the drives and experienced the same slowness. Unfortunately I do not have any other spare drive to test it with by replacing the D: drive. Here is the filter test you wanted me to do: Microsoft Windows [Version 6.3.9600] © 2013 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. C:\Windows\system32>fltmc Filter Name Num Instances Altitude Frame ------------------------------ ------------- ------------ ----- WdFilter 18 328010 0 luafv 1 135000 0 npsvctrig 1 46000 0 FileInfo 18 45000 0 Wof 0 40700 0 C:\Windows\system32> I will try to get another HDD by the weekend and replace the D drive and see if things change.
  11. First of all, let me say thank you to all those who are responding. It is quite nice to have various feedbacks. Now, to answer the questions. D Drive: The D: drive is a 3TB Junk drive that I use for nothing but downloading files into, renaming, and then moving them into the pool. That is it's major purpose. It also serves as a DVR for Media Center. That is all I use it for. I have ran test of the drive and it reports as being fine. As I reported earlier, If I copy anything from this drive to say and external HDD, it hits speed of 80MBPS and 150MBPS with no issues at all. As suggested earlier by one of the users on here, I also tried copying directly to one of the drives in the pool and not to the main pool itself and the slowness occurs. There have been no recent firmware updates to any of the drives. I monitor them with DriveScanner and CrystalDiskInfo Professional. During copying, the drive does nothing else but getting read from. No other application is writing to it or using it. In other to eliminate the D drive, I tried copying from an external USB drive to the pool and I get the same slow speeds. Copying a 9GB file takes about 20 minutes, copying that into the pool. That is not normal. Stablebit Scanner reports all the drives as being healthy with no pending issues. Now this is why I think it has something to do with Drivepool. I have a secondary pool (4 x4TB WD HDD in an external enclosure) connected via USB 3. If it were a problem with the drives in the main pool, then the copying should be OK for the second pool which is over USB 3. But it also goes through slow copying. Ever since I upgraded to the Internal Alpha build, the speed has gotten better progressively. I now get lows of 9 and highs of 25. Before it was lows of 2 and highs of 9.
  12. Ok. I did download the internal Beta and installed it. During multiple testing, I now have speeds between 9MBPS on low, and 21MBPS on high. There is a slight improvement over the 2MBPS and 9MBPS highs I was getting. I have always had the same settings. Am just wondering what could have caused this much deterioration in copying speed over time. Do you have any more suggestions?
  13. None of the main pooled drives are external. They are all internal. The Backup Drive (AllMightyBackup) is external (4 x4TB in an Enclosure). I will try the latest beta and let you know how it goes.
  14. They are all Internal. The AllmightyBackup is external over USB 3, four bay enclosure, but am not worried about this one. Am more worried about the internal drives for my main Multimedia pool. I have narrowed the issue down to Drivepool as I performed test from normal Drive (not in pool) to another USB drive and the speeds were very normal. However if I tried to copy the same file to any of the pools, (Multimedia or AllMightyBackup), the slowness begins. Is there something I need to change in the settings for Drivepool? PS: Sorry about your emergency. Hope things got better.
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